Style & BeautyHow To Dress For Winter? Practical Style Tips For Colder Days

How To Dress For Winter? Practical Style Tips For Colder Days

Winter style is all about keeping your cool while staying warm. No matter if you live in a freezing climate, or a place where it only gets slightly chilly, there is no reason why covering up has to mean looking anything other than your best.


From head to toe, working from the top down, here are five practical style tips for winter warmth.

Create Focus On You

Wearing a hat makes It is possible to look put together and sophisticated while keeping warm. A great hat brings focus to where it belongs, up to your eyes and smile. There are many options for this, such as a lined coat hood, or a pom pom beanie for women.

One of the most common misconceptions about keeping warm is that you lose a great amount of your body heat through your head. It turns out this is a myth. The fact is that only about 10% of your total body heat is lost from your head.

That being said, your ears are very sensitive to being exposed to the cold. Cold ears can cause headaches and discomfort. That means that wearing a hat is still the number one way to keep comfortable and cozy during the winter months.

Add Variety With Scarves

The warming factor of even a light scarf should not be underestimated. If the weather turns windy or colder, a scarf can be double wrapped to give added warmth.

A classic black winter coat is a staple of many minimal winter wardrobes. Layering a statement scarf over a well-fitting black coat is a way to express your personal style while bundled up. Changing out the color or pattern of your scarf can add variation to your standard winter wardrobe.

Layering + Flexibility = Style

Speaking of layering, wearing several layers of clothing is probably the best advice for seasonal wardrobes. Wearing a light cardigan under your coat gives you an extra layer of warmth while outside, but also can be used to protect you from being chilly or too hot indoors.

Start With A Base Layer

Ask any chic woman her secret for staying warm, and she will tell you tights or leggings are key. Wearing a dress or skirt in winter may seem counterintuitive, but tights can make this choice work. You may even find a skirt and tights combination more comfortable than wearing jeans, as denim can be chilly in winter.

The layer of clothes you wear closest to your skin is the “wicking layer”. Wearing a less loose layer close to your skin, with an over-layer of a skirt or dress, creates a pocket of warm air. Depending on the temperature, you can vary the thickness of your tights. Pairing the tights with cute boots makes wearing them an even toastier and cute option.

Fancy Footwear? Maybe Not

Have you ever been on a walk or at an outside event and had to return home because of cold feet? You aren’t alone. When you get cold your body automatically acts to constrict blood flow, keeping your core warm and reducing the amount of warmth that makes it to your toes.

Keeping your feet warm can be tricky, so make sure to invest in warm boots. This is one area where you may need to put function ahead of fashion to be comfortable. You can make this up with other areas of your outfit, by focusing people’s attention on a beautiful scarf or attention-grabbing hat.

In any season, with a bit of clever planning, it is possible to be warm and comfortable while still looking great.


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