LifestyleHow Moms Can Remain Fashionable in an Education Environment

How Moms Can Remain Fashionable in an Education Environment

Teachers have it rough. They are expected to demonstrate modesty in the way they dress, yet it’s difficult to maintain confidence and be yourself when forced to wear tacky or bland clothing that you would never wear outside of your job. That’s where it becomes important to analyze the types of clothing you see in the workplace.

With so many fashion possibilities, women have it particularly tough in choosing what to wear in a conservative environment like a school. To maximize your options, consider making a note of your outfits on a regular basis and comparing that information to the norms inside the halls of your school. Keep reading to learn how to stay fashionable as a woman in an educational environment.

Research the Trends and Blend Them with the Basics

When you visit some online educational sites like the NSU Online program, information may be included on how to dress appropriately in a traditional classroom. This is similar to how business students learn about the proper dress code for interviews and office jobs. The only problem is that these instructions don’t always consider the trends. Yes, you can look at the basic teacher outfits moving throughout the school, but are those even close to your own style?The key is to think outside the box by combining the trends with what you see other teachers wearing. For example, try a white dress shirt worn unbuttoned over a standard knee-length dress (preferably black) so that the white shirt serves as a jacket.

Throw on a necklace to spice it up, and even consider wrapping a stylish belt around the shirt to add a little variety. Bright colors work well with the necklaces and belts, since the rest of the outfit is fairly simple.

Use Layers to Keep it Modest Yet Stunning

Who says covering up has to seem so dull? Multiple layers mean you can wear numerous accessories and articles of clothing. Experiment with scarves, multiple shirts, comfy sweaters and flashy necklaces. Belts are perfect when wearing layers, so wrap that around your waist and think about using standard dress pants with bold colored shoes. The idea is to stick to the general dress code but get a little crazy with the components that won’t get you in trouble with school leadership.

Teachers Have Style Trends as Well

Teachers have dress codes so that students and faculty aren’t distracted while at school, but such codes require that teachers put some thought beforehand into how their personal style can fit within the rules. A common teacher style is the popular combination of ankle boots, leggings and a boyfriend blazer. If you opt for the right brands, this look can come off truly smart and stylish, bringing together a world of confidence and professionalism.

It often feels like school administrators are actively trying to make teachers feel uncomfortable or just plain boring with the types of clothing options available, but this isn’t the case. Dig deep into your creativity and use some of the tips above to give off a high-class look without violating any of your school’s dress code rules.

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