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How Moms Can Handle Their Child From Toys

If you are getting ready to start potty training there are many things that can go wrong.  One of the ones that many parents do not think about is when their toddler flushes something down the toilet that should have never been in the toilet in the first place.  This can make potty training even more trying and frustrating than it already is.

Imagine the scene, you are getting ready for a big family dinner.  You are cooking, cleaning, preparing your home for company, and trying to make sure that your children stay looking great.  It is already a stressful enough time where you probably feel slightly overwhelmed.  The next thing that happens is something goes terribly wrong.

In this case, the thing that is going wrong is that you go to the bathroom and notice that the toilet is not flushing.  You question your children and realize that your youngest, who is potty training, has just flushed one of his or her favorite toys, lie these Little Tikes toys from Crayons, down the toilet.  You have no time to figure out what is happening, you need help now.  Well there are some things that you can do to get the help you need now so that your toilet is in full working order before your guests arrive.

Avoiding Toys in the Toilet

There are many things that you can do that can help you to avoid having problems with your child putting a toy in the toilet.  One of these is to encourage them throughout the potty training process.  Talk to your child about the toilet, what happens when they flush, and what things should go in the potty.  Talking to your child is your best defense against this type of behavior.  It is likely that your toddler really does not understand how the toilet works and talking to him or her about it will help them feel more comfortable in the process.

It is also very important that you make potty training a very positive experience for your child.  Teaching your child that this is something that they can do and working to raise their self esteem during the process will help them feel successful.  Kid Pointz is a great positive parenting system that can help you during the trying time of potty training.  It can help you keep the experience a positive one.

How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency – When the Toy is in the Toilet

Potty training toddlers are naturally very curious and they like to explore things.  One of the things that helps toddlers to learn is exploring how different things work.  This is no different with the toilet.  Your toddler is going to want to explore because they do not understand how the toilet works.  This natural process of exploration can cause some big problems for you though.

One way that some children choose to explore the toilet during their time potty training is by flushing stuff down the toilet.  While this might seem innocent, it can be a problem when that toy gets stuck in the toilet.  Sadly a plunger will not usually work for this type of clog.  In fact a plunger can make this problem worse because it cause the toy to get stuck further inside of the pipe.

Instead you need to try and get the toy out.  If you have an auger you can attempt this on your own.  If you are like me you will want to avoid this since you have no plumbing experience and would probably have the bad luck of doing something to mess it up further.  Although if you do want to attempt on your own Basic Plumbing Repair offers you these old school tips.What you need to do is know a great emergency plumber like those at Ritz Plumbing who are going to be available for you when you need to get the toy out of your drain as quickly as possible.  Just explaining to the plumber that you need them there quickly and all that you have going on is going to help you to have your toilet back in working order quickly.


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