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4 Remodeling Trends to Make Your Home a COVID-19 Refuge

This year has been a banner year for remodeling and adding to homes. If you can’t afford to move to a larger or more ideal home this year, making a change to the home you already have is one way to “love the one you’re with.” COVID-19 has increased the time families spend at home, and This year has been a banner year for remodeling and adding to homes. if you’ve been thinking it’s time for a facelift, these are some of the most popular ways to make your home more of a refuge.

The plus side is that these renovations have pretty strong ROI in the resale space, according to the Homelight Q3 Survey of Real Estate Agents, allowing you to reap the rewards of having them now while seeing a bump in your home’s value over time.

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Make an Onsite In-Law Cottage or Suite for Multi-Generational Living

Whether multi-generational families are living together to save money, to increase companionship, or to provide childcare during a time when options are few, creating a space for in-laws or your parents to live in a multigenerational family unit is a great remodeling plan this year. Not only do you benefit from all the positive connection of having grandparents, parents, and children in the same area, an in-law cottage or suite on your home gives everyone the much-needed space for themselves, allowing families to still keep their own living rhythms even as they spend more time together for meals and leisure time. In the future, if you sell the home, these suites or cottages are attractive as short-term rental opportunities in some markets, boosting your home value.

Double-Up on Home Offices or Make Your Office More Inviting

Families who could happily live with a single home office or just a desk in a corner somewhere are realizing that expanding the home office set-up is a must when everyone works from home in a particular family. Consider whether unfinished attics or basements could become an inviting office space, or through reshuffling your current storage situation you could refurbish a space into a new office location. With many people on video calls for work, having two separate spaces is valuable, and many people are looking for more daytime sunlight to reach their offices, resulting in remodeling projects to bring in natural light to office spaces that previously just didn’t need it at as badly.

Partition Smaller Homes For Separate Video Experiences and Home Time

For smaller projects, considering movable or permanent partitioning of spaces can allow members of your family to have their own, albeit smaller, spaces for schoolwork, work calls, or play time. Children and parents can be close to each other physically but not create as much noise crossover if you get sound-dampening partitions or new walls placed in your home remodeling project.

Creatively Make Home a Great Place to Learn, Even Part-Time

Lastly, consider adding bulletin boards, whiteboards, built in desks in nooks like the area under a staircase, and outdoor classroom space in your garage or backyard for virtual learning. While these features may seem like they have limited utility when students will eventually return to school, remember that they are useful for homework and out-of-school learning throughout childhood, making them a great addition if you want a small-dollar remodeling project to give your home a little facelift this year.


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