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Liven Up Your Home Dining Experience With Mouthwatering Food Photos

Home Dining Experience

home dining experience

Want to make your home dining experience more enjoyable and appealing? Display appetizing photo prints of food! Absolutely, food photos will make a lovely part of your home decor.

Clueless on how to do so? Below are clever ways to transform your kitchen and dining room from drab to fab with several food photography techniques:

1.  Compile Your Food Photos Into Coffee Table Books


In your living room, you can display a coffee table book featuring pictures of scrumptious food that will surely increase the appetite of your guests as they browse through it.

To make the book more substantial, you can even include old family and personal recipes in your food photo book, as well as the story behind them. That way, your guests will be more engrossed in reading it from cover to cover.

2.  Display Food Photos As Ref Magnets

Your favorite food photos will look more interesting and become functional when you display them as ref magnets. And it takes only a few steps to complete.

What You’ll Need:

a.) Good-quality wallet-size prints of the photos of your choice
b.) Magnetic sheets with adhesive back
c.) A pair of sharp scissors

How to Do It:

a.) Have your food photos printed in wallet size by a photo printing service.
b.) Stick each photo print to the magnetic sheet.
c.) Cut according to the magnetic sheet’s shape and size.

Voila! You now have unique ref magnets that can serve as conversation pieces with your guests at home.

3.  Hang Food Photos On the Wall

Remember how hanging food paintings on the wall of the dining room was a common practice back in the late 80s and during the 90s? Well, the trend now is displaying food photos instead of paintings.

You can have your photos blown up to your preferred size, depending on how you want to arrange them. If you prefer to put them up mosaic style, you can have them printed in desk size so that you can easily stack them alongside each other on the wall of your kitchen or dining room.

A Few Tips On Styling Food Photos


If you plan to shoot your own food photos because you have a specific concept in mind, here are a few helpful food styling tips:

●  Use An Interesting Surface As a Background

You can shoot on a marbled kitchen countertop, hand-painted tiles, a beautiful wooden chopping board, or used baking sheets. You can even use that dining table that you painstakingly chose for when guests come over. Just experiment with these elements and see which will work best for your subject.

●  Spruce Up Your Frame With Everyday Objects

Look around your house for linen, vintage salt and pepper shaker bottles, or anything that can be use to add texture and character to your subject.

●  Play Around With Color

Use dishes in contrasting or complementary colors to make your subject look more interesting. When shooting dark-colored food, use plates and bowls in white or any light color to make it pop out. When shooting light-colored food, use dishes in brighter and more solid colors like blue, red, or even black.

You can experiment with many creative ways for showcasing food photos that will entice anyone to eat at your home. Just remember to choose (or shoot) photos that don’t look too commercial to keep a homey feel in the photos you’ll display. Remember that eating at home is supposed to make your guests and loved ones feel relaxed and comfortable, so don’t throw them off with photos that look straight out of a restaurant menu.






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