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4 Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Tips

There’s certainly nothing wrong with purchasing brand-name cleaning products, but you may be tired of the chemical odors, high prices and toxins that come with these purchases. Of course, there are plenty of other options at your disposal.

Home Cleaning Tips

Looking to make your home more eco-friendly but aren’t sure where to start. Lucky for you, there are some easy, cheap and common cleaning products that will have your home smelling fresh and looking sparkly in no time without harming the environment. Here are several eco-friendly home cleaning tips to consider adopting.

Home cleaning tips

1.  Vinegar

Mixing equal parts white vinegar and water into a bucket and applying a damp cloth to areas of your home in need of cleaning will work for just about every room. In fact, this mixture can work wonders in:

  • Tackling grease around your oven
  • Mopping up shoe-stained floors
  • Taking care of soap scum in the bathroom
  • Getting stains out of your carpet

In particular, the natural acidity of vinegar makes it a great tool for taking care of fungus and bacteria, as well as providing countless other useful ways to clean your home, office and/or vehicle.

2.  Baking Soda

In addition to being an effective deodorizer, baking soda is another dependable product to use for cleaning virtually every room in your house. With its powerful absorbing powers, it can help you get rid of odors, stains and grease on countertops as well as inside your sink, bathtub and outdoor grill.

Of course, you’ve likely seen an open box of baking soda in your parents’ fridge to help absorb the stench of any food that may be going bad. But wait, baking soda provides other useful benefits, too. In fact, you can apply it to your carpets or rugs, let it sit and then turn on your vacuum to remove any stains.

Additionally, instead of using harsh drain cleaners, pour baking soda and white vinegar into your bathroom sink drain and then flush it with hot water to help with clogs. Baking soda is also useful for other hard-to-clean products that collect grease and grime.

3.  Lemons

You know the old saying: When life gives you lemons — combine it with baking soda and vinegar as the perfect non-toxic household cleaner. Once you remove odors from your kitchen sink or bathroom with baking soda, add a fresh citrus scent that will permeate throughout your home. You can also put lemon peels in your garbage disposal to sharpen its blades and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Additionally, lemon juice does wonders in cleaning and getting rid of bacteria on countertops as well as inside your bathtub and sinks. Oh, and it also makes everything smell deliciously clean. But wait, there’s more: If you have wood cutting boards or butcher countertops, use lemon juice to clean these surfaces without ruining the wood.

Plus, who needs toxic chlorine bleach for doing laundry when you can use lemon juice to remove stains and provide a fresh scent? Now, if you’re really ambitious, plant a lemon tree in your backyard so you’ll always have a stockpile of one of the best eco-friendly cleaners.

4.  Eco-Friendly Brands

Sometimes it’s just easier to buy a brand-name product that you can rely on and don’t have to think about. But instead of buying products that may be harmful to your health and the environment, look for brands that are eco-friendly.

For example, Amway sells environmentally-friendly cleaning products at reasonable prices. But the company also goes a step farther by working to minimize its environmental impact, which, in turn, may provide yet another reason for consumers to do business with the multi-level marketing company.

In the end, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a chore. By applying a few easy-to-use products to areas in need of some TLC, you’ll have a shining, fresh and tidy home in no time.


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