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Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor: The Baby Sleep Site and Free Ebook

The Baby Sleep Site™ is our first feature spotlight for the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. Before having children of my own I had no idea how it can be so much work getting little ones to sleep. At first our twins did really well and then all of a sudden we were up at all hours throughout the night or (like now) they’re fighting their hardest on not going to sleep at all. If you’re like us and are finding yourself with the same troubles you should check out The Baby Sleep Site™ .

The Baby Sleep Site™ is owned and operated by Nicole Johnson, a baby and toddler sleep coach, wife, and the mother of two young boys. More than 150,000 parents visit The Baby Sleep Site™ each month to find solutions for their children’s sleep problems, including personalized, one-on-one sleep consultations, comprehensive e-books on sleeping through the night, improving naps, and establishing routines and schedules, free articles on timely topics, and a strong community.

Personalized Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultation Services

The Baby Sleep Site™ offers personalized baby and toddler sleep consultation services by email and by phone. All of our email consultation packages are designed to fit in with your busy schedule. Our email and phone consultation packages offer personalized and unique advice for your baby’s sleeping habits. There are a variety of baby sleep consultation packages from a Personalized Family Sleep Plan™ to a 30-day Unlimited Email Package.

The 3 Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep

The 3-Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep, is a judgment-free approach to getting your baby sleeping through the night.

In this easy-to-read e-Book, you learn the pros and cons of all of the available baby sleep methods as well as how to incorporate each one into your own routine. You get quick and easy information on the science behind baby and toddler sleep. You learn what you need to do – in a step-by-step format – to tackle all the “big” sleep questions.

FREE Baby Sleep Guide

We also offer a FREE Baby Sleep Guide! Get rid of frustrating, sleepless nights, and tears by learning 5 ways to help your baby or toddler sleep through the night. Sign up for the FREE guide here:

Don’t forget to check these other great eBooks & free guides available from The Baby Sleep Site:

Sign up for their mailing list and immediately learn 5 ways to promote better sleep for your toddler in our FREE e-Book and weekly newsletter with baby and toddlers sleep tips. To sign up go visit

I actually told my husband I wanted the consultation services for Christmas this year. I told him with the kids sleeping much better than I would too and that would make me a very happy mother! I hope he took it seriously because I could really use this! I’m also working on going through the free sleep guide in hopes to get some tips there too!


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