Parenting5 Ways To Help Your Child With Schoolwork

5 Ways To Help Your Child With Schoolwork

Every child at some point needs help with their homework and assignments. Whether it is Science, Geography, English or the dreaded subject, MATHS! Either way parents need to take time out of their day to help their kids with schoolwork to not only show them the way but to also prove they are supportive and asking for help isn’t a bad thing. Now there are urgent essays but here are 5 basic ways that I believe are most important to remember while helping your child succeed.

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1.  Be an Active Part at School

Being an active parent by taking part in school activities is one of the most essential things you can do. Attending PTM’s, chaperoning trips, aiding in organizing events, all of these are methods to help keep you in the loop of what is going on at school. This way you will find it easier to relate to what your child is talking about and what they might be going through.

2.  Help Create A Studying Environment

Everybody focuses on things in different ways. Some may not get distracted by loud noises, other may need absolute peace and quietness to focus well. If your child has worked at the kitchen table while people passed through, TV working, and everyone was watching a football game, maybe you should get your child a desk to work on in their room. Another thing you could do is set a time every day when your child(ren) prefer to study and make sure they get their peace during that time.

3.  Brain Foods

Another way to help your child get good grades and do well in school is to make them eat brain foods. The nutrients found in certain foods can help your brain function better. Try out our different recipes to make a variety of meals that are filling yet healthy for the entire family. You could even try substituting snacks with almonds, blueberries and pumpkin seeds. There are a number of brain foods, you can learn more about them here.

4.  Stay Calm

Remember when you were going through school and used to be afraid to tell your parents when you got a bad grade. Nonetheless, you would eventually have and when you did, it is not a memory you want to relive? Well, you need to empathize with your child. Stay calm if they get a lower grade. Sure, tell them you aren’t happy but also let them know, next time they can do better and you are on board. Don’t make them feel like they need to be afraid to tell you things, especially grades and schoolwork related. Instead, when they improve, praise them and let them know you’re happy with their efforts. Trust me, you will see their grades getting better.

5.  Be Consistent

Sometimes, we as parents tend to become busy and overworked, especially with a 9-5 job. The key thing to help out your child in such situations is to be consistent. Don’t forget about your son/daughter even if you’re overloaded. As hard as that may be, prioritize them over everything. Set a time that you and your children can sit down and talk. Open up and discuss how each of your days went and how you’re fairing. Ask them if they need help and assure them you’re there for them and do this on a regular basis.


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