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How to Help Your Child with Drug Addiction

No parent wants their child to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, but addiction is a disease that can affect young children and teens. When your teen suffers from addiction, it’s important that you get them the help they need in order to beat it and start living a healthy life. Learn what you can do to help your child deal with drug addiction.


Know there’s a problem.

Unfortunately many parents are in the dark when their child is addicted, and this can allow the disease to spiral completely out of control. This is why it’s very important that you are involved in your teen’s life and that you pay attention for signs of addiction. If you notice that your teen is not acting like themselves, you can better determine if there’s a problem. For example, if your child suffers from mood swings, spirals from bouts of energy to constant sleep, or if you find a substance, you can be sure there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Always be on the lookout for warning signs so that you can catch the disease early.


Talk with your child.

Talking with teens may not be easy, but it’s extremely important. If you believe your teen is addicted to a substance, you need to talk with them. Do not accuse them of being addicted or threaten them with harm if they don’t honestly tell you what’s going on. Instead, remain calm and openly talk about substance abuse and the negative impact it can have. You should also remind your child that you are always here for them to talk to or to help with any issues. Sometimes just knowing that you care is enough to get them to open up.


Talk with teachers.

If you believe there’s a problem, talk with your child’s teacher or social worker. Oftentimes teachers can provide you with information or proof to back your claim. For example, if a student’s grade starts falling or if a child is being erratic in class, it could be a sign that there’s an issue. Teachers may also be able to tell you if your child started hanging out with a different group of people or if they believe there’s an underlying issue. The teacher and social worker can also work with you to help find a solution to the problem.


Seek professional help.
It may be hard to do, but seeking professional help is the best option. Teams of professionals have sprung up across the country. Using new rehab techniques that diverge from traditional 12 step programs founded through Alcoholics Anonymous.Referred to as ambulatory detox, it can be a great assistance when it comes to helping teens overcome their addiction. Programs can vary from outpatient to inpatient, so choose the one that would best fit your teen’s needs. Although you may hate having to go through it, knowing your helping your child is the most important thing.


Help create a sober environment.

Once your child has received professional help, they will still need help ensuring they don’t relapse. You can do this by providing a sober environment. Remove any substances from your own home. Get your child involved in activities that will keep them occupied, such as working with a local charity. And simply make sure you’re involved and looking for signs of relapse. The more you can do for your child, the brighter his or her future may be.


  1. Its been two years that my ex husband and I have realised my son is on marijuana. its so disappointing because his school work has dropped his irate and moody with my daughter smaller than him. when we talk to him he says he hangs around with friends that do it because there’s no one else from his class that he can be with during break times. according to the school the group of friends at school are a terrible lot and we desperately need to get him away from this crowd teach him to be confident enough to meet other friends. my fear as a mother is that if his smoked that he must not be rude and unruly is the class but the teachers have noting bad to say about him. just that we need to speak to him to change his company. I am so lost with things to change his mind-set. we have sent him to camps, to speak to the pastor, talk to his grandparents than us as his parents. I need help because I have more ideas on what to do. Minutes ago his been on the clean for a week and he just came home and you can see he smoked. the punishment we have tried is hitting grounding talking nicely and sternly with him its just not working well.
    please help!!!!


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