ParentingHow to Manage a Healthy Separation

How to Manage a Healthy Separation

Healthy Separation

Some of the most recent statistics estimate that around 42% of marriages end in divorce. While about 6% of these are due to the death of a spouse, the vast majority are due to insurmountable differences and other factors. It is important that when a healthy separation is underway that the entire process is done in as healthy a way as possible. This involves clear communication from both sides to take care of all the following aspects.

Effectively Arrange the Finances

There are two main things which are the hardest to sort out when going through a separation; children’s living arrangements and finances. If you don’t have children and are undergoing a separation, then it will be finances that take the forefront. This is the main cause of delays and problems when attempting a healthy separation.

The easiest way to avoid any problems due to finances when going through a divorce is if both of you agree to the divorce, no children are involved and neither is dependent on the other financially.

Splitting the property and pensions can become tricky, especially if communication is an issue between the two of you. To protect your best interests, it is important to seek out professional legal advice when separating.

Think of the Children

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Whatever you may be going through, children, especially young ones, are likely to find the whole experience even worse. Therefore, it is essential that you both do your upmost to keep any conflict away from them during the separation.

Change can be traumatising for children, so it is best that you are both honest with them and talk to them in advance about what will happen. Research has found children who remain in close contact with both parents fair a lot better, so putting this in place is more likely to lead to a healthy separation for everyone involved. Keep communication open between you and your partner for the ease of transition.

Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

With children and money on your mind a lot during a separation, it can be easy to forget about looking after yourself. Going through a divorce can be tough, so it is important to surround yourself with friends and family to help you get through it.

It may not be what you planned to happen but having a good support network in place will help. You will be going through a range of emotions and need to give yourself time and space to deal with these. If you’re really struggling, then it can be worth seeking out a professional to help.

Create Goals

Once you have accepted that the divorce is real and the whole process is under way, it is time to begin thinking about the future. One of the best ways to do this is by setting yourself goals and thinking positively to achieve them. It could be to start a new hobby, go on holiday with your friends or anything else that will increase your happiness.

Take this action and you should find that a separation is relatively healthy for yourself and everyone else affected by the divorce.

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