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5 Healthy Noodle Dishes to Keep You Slaked This Winter

Healthy Noodle Dishes

The humble and often overlooked noodle isn’t just a useful pot-based, instant packet snack, but a delicious and versatile component in some of the healthiest dishes Asian cuisine has to offer.Whether you are a fresh egg noodle fan, or prefer the more delicate features offered by driedrice noodles, there is a recipe out there for you. So check out the following list of five healthy noodle dishes recipes and see which of them makes you dive for those chopsticks.

1. Chicken Ramen Noodle Bowl:

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Ramen noodles are a classic instant noodle dish. It originated in Japan, but it was popularised by American college students looking for a cheap filling meal. But a fresh Ramen noodle dish can be a healthy, culinary delicacy and this chicken variation is the perfect example.

What You Need: Chicken breast fillets, eggs, Ramen noodles, chicken broth/stock, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, cabbage, carrots, spring onions, chili oil/sriracha.

Health Benefits: Instant Ramen packets contain a whole host of unwelcome additives and preservatives, but this recipe is packed with fresh vegetables and clean flavours. The lean chicken breasts and eggs provide you with a big protein hit and chili is well known for accelerating your metabolism, so don’t be scared of the sriracha.

2. Prawn Pad Thai:

pad-thaiImage Source: Flickr

Pad Thai is one of the most synonymous and famous street food dishes in the world. The reputation of Thai cuisine is at an all-time high, especially in America, but its popularity is growing rapidly in the UK and all over the world. This versatile dish can contain a wide variety of star ingredients, but this prawn recipe is beautifully healthy.

What You Need: Prawns, wide rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, garlic, green onions, brown organic sugar, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, dried chili, lime wedge.

Health Benefits: Prawns might be sweet, but they are a naturally low fat source of protein. Seeing sugar in the recipe may not look healthy, but it’s only one teaspoon of brown, organic sugar and it’s a crucial ingredient in the recipe, balancing out the powerful flavours of the fish sauce and the vinegar.

3. Chicken Chow Mein:

The reputation of the chow mein has been tarnished some-what by the greasy offerings you get from cheap takeaways. But if you go to an authentic Chinese restaurant, or choose to make the dish yourself, a chow mein can be a deliciously healthy meal, packed with fresh vegetables and beautiful noodles.

What You Need: Chicken breasts, egg noodles, carrots, broccoli, bean sprouts, green onions, garlic, ginger, chili, soy sauce, oyster sauce, tomato puree.

Health Benefits: This chicken variation on the chow mein is full of natural protein and the fresh vegetables provide a mixture of natural vitamins and minerals. Soy sauce is also a great source of sodium. Try and buy raw, organic soy sauce brands and avoid economy bottles and liquid amino substitutes.

4. YakiUdon:

Another popular world-wide dish that originated in Japan, Udon noodles are silky, thick and satisfying. This simple, vegetarian Yaki Udon recipe is full of flavour and goodness, using shiitake mushrooms and a mixture of fresh vegetables to compliment the juicy noodles.

What You Need: Fresh Udon noodles, shiitake mushrooms, onion, white cabbage, green onions, mirin, soy sauce, caster sugar, Worcester sauce, sesame oil.

Health Benefits: The absence of meat means this recipe is very low in saturated fats, but the mushrooms pack quite the protein punch. You can incorporate any of your favourite shredded vegetables into the recipe and sesame oil is said to contain natural antioxidants and anti-cancer compounds.

5. Chicken and Noodle Laksa:

This sweet and spicy broth-style curry is a favourite dish all across Malaysia. Combining two different styles of noodles, this chicken laksa recipe requires Ayam Malaysian laksa paste to make, but the product is widely available in most supermarkets and easily found on the internet, so get your hands on a jar and sample this wonderfully healthy curry.

What Your Need: Chicken breasts, Vermicelli and Hokien noodles, Ayam Malaysian laksa paste, beansprouts, Lebanese cucumber, bean sprouts, pineapple, red onion, kaffir lime leaves, red chili, chicken stock/broth, coconut milk, coriander, lime wedge.

Health Benefits: This authentic recipe is full of nutritious fruits and vegetables, as well as lean chicken breast for that protein fix. Coconut milk is used to thicken and sweeten the broth, just avoid the full fat coconut creams and go for a tin of the low fat, organic coconut milk.

If you’re rushed for time, or don’t have any of the specialty ingredients to hand, many local restaurants in the UK and the US now offer a range of healthy noodle dishes like the recipes listed above. But if you do want to get your wok out of the cupboard and give them a go yourself, you will find any of these five recipes are much easier and much more delicious than you could have imagined.








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