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Healthy, Happy Moms: Preventing Colds and Common Illnesses During Your Pregnancy

As an expectant mom, you have a lot on your plate. You have work, responsibilities, and a normal life to lead. Yet, you’re also having a baby. You don’t want to get sick. Here’s how to minimize the risk and, if you do get sick, how to deal.

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Let’s Talk About Sex(ually transmitted diseases), Baby

OK, not really something you want to talk about. But, it’s something you need to talk about, especially with the dad. Now is the time to get tested, while you’re pregnant. Why? Because if you do have one, you will want to know what to do about it so that it doesn’t become a serious issue later for baby. If you don’t have an STD, then you can have a peaceful pregnancy. Because some STDs induce pregnancy or miscarriage, you will want to take this seriously.

If you have insurance, try to get it to cover the cost for diagnostics. It shouldn’t be a big deal, since diagnostics for STDs are basic medical care. But, if you have problems, you can always contact Missourilawyers.com to get the insurer to pay.

Wash Your Hands

Washing hands is a basic first step that will keep germs at bay. You’ve known that washing after using the bathroom and before dinner was a good thing, necessary even, since you a little kid. But, how many people really wash their hands every time they touch raw meat, ride a public bus, or pet their dog?

Most of the time, you just don’t think about it because you assume your immune system will take care of everything. When you’re pregnant, you need to be more cautious because your immune system isn’t as strong as it is when you’re not pregnant. Part of that is because of the fetus growing inside you. Wash your hands after you’ve finished gardening, and when you’ve handles meat or veggies.

Stay Away From Weird Food

Raw meats, unpasteurized milk and dairy products, and other foods like raw eggs are a source of listeria and other bacterial infections. When you cook at home, make sure your meat is well done, even throughout the middle.

Avoid Sick People

It pays to avoid sick people. Even if they’re only coughing, or they don’t feel well, you don’t know what they have. Hanging around people who have colds can be dangerous. When you’re pregnant, being a germaphobe makes good sense. You’re taking care of your unborn. And, while you’re at it, don’t share glasses or utensils with anyone — especially young children. Don’t worry about being rude. Everyone understands.

Don’t Change The Cat Litter

This is your spouse’s job for now. The cat litter tray is the classic “no no” that needs to be on every pregnant woman’s list. Cat feces contains toxoplasmosis which is dangerous for the unborn. Even though your cat’s litter is an obvious source of infection, it can’t be overstated.

Get Vaccinated

If you’re not up and current on vaccinations, get current. Have you had your tetanus shot within 10 years? What about the flu shot? Are you immune to vaccine-preventable illnesses like mumps, which is dangerous to a fetus? If so, then you have little to worry about. If not, get your shots.

Sue Crawley is a healthcare worker who is currently working in a role supporting vulnerable pregnant women. She has vast experience in prenatal and postnatal care and shares her wisdom in her articles.


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