Health & FitnessTop 5 proven Health Benefits of Rose

Top 5 proven Health Benefits of Rose

Other than being a suitable flower for almost every occasion or ceremony, rose comes with a lot of health benefits. Rose extracts are an essential element in oils, tea, shampoos and other products. It is considered as a medicinal herb besides being a common flower for decors. If you prefer organic products, you can go for products that have rose extracts or rose water in it. You can also buy rose as bulk flowers and make rose water or extracts on your own.

Add a bit of rose water in your tea or oil and you will find results within few months of use. Let us know about some of the proven health benefits that rose has to offer.

Beneficial for Skin Care

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You might have seen on advertisements that rose aroma or flavored lotions and skin-care products bring commendable changes to your skin. Well, if they actually used rose as a core ingredient you will definitely see changes. Rose possesses anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that helps prevent multiple types of skin diseases. Rose also helps in digestion and passing away of harmful compounds from the body which indirectly helps in prevention of acne or scars.

Rose water can act as a toner to clear out the dead cells and outer oils from skin-pores. The flower promotes an important protein named collagen that helps in maintaining good hair and skin. It also has vitamin A and E that keeps your skin hydrated and tightened which indirectly prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Helps in Weight-Loss

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Rose extracts as a form of green tea can help you lose weight to a great extent. Rose herb tea is widely available in stores or you can simply make them at home. For best results, you need to drink the tea regularly. So, if you are planning to make them home, we suggest you buy roses as bulk flowers every month to save your time and money. All you have to do is crush the rose petals and make an infusion with boiling water. Drink this at least twice a day in between your meals. You will have guaranteed results if you continue it for around two to three months minimum.

Moreover, this drink can work wonders for people who suffer from over-eating. Drink this before every meal and you will feel full and less inclined to eat more. Vitamin c, citric and malic acid derivatives in the flower help a lot in weight loss of the body.

Deals with Menstruation Issues

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Rose is beneficial for women while dealing with menstruation cramps as well. Drinking rose extracts with boiled water for more than six months reduces period cramps, decreases period irregularity and breast tenderness.
The chemicals in rose are beneficial for mental calmness and reducing psychological stress during menstruation by balancing endocrine disorders.

Prevents Various Diseases

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Rose water possesses some anti-oxidants called ‘catechin polyphenol’. These anti-oxidants are known for killing cancer cells without having a direct effect on the body. Besides cancer, it helps to build up a stronger immune system by destroying harmful bacteria and viruses. Thus, rose extracts prevents the body from being affected through bacterial and viral infections and the diseases associated with them.

Rose oil is used as an anti-depressant to fight depression, mental anxiety and stress. Sedating inflammation is another important health benefit of rose. This indirectly helps preventing fever, arthritis, rheumatism, gout and dehydration.

Solves Digestive and Respiratory Problems

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The anti-spasmodic properties of rose helps solve various issues related to respiration and digestion. The organic acids boost the body’s digestive power and nourish gastric mucosa. This is turn helps elimination of unwanted materials from the body easier.

The high level of vitamin C helps in preventing flu, cold and keeps the throat clear. This is also beneficial for treating nasal blockage, running throat and other respiratory disorders.

As surprising as it sounds, the health benefits of rose actually outnumber the utility of it being used as a décor. Buy rose as bulk flowers, infuse the crushed petals in boiled water and use it on hair and skin to see commendable results. To get more health benefits, drink it as part of your regular diet.


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