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Handmade LEFF Clocks

When we are looking for gifts, we always rack our brains for something different. Whether we are looking for something for a birthday, Xmas present or another occasion, we want unique gifts that the recipient will cherish. LEFF clocks are designed and built with care and are unusual due to they are made by a wide range of designers. Some designers are renowned in their field and others are young stars who want to make their mark in the world as clock makers. Nowadays the majority of clocks are factory made and mass produced. The artisans who made clocks the traditional way were master clockmakers and the time pieces were all hand made. To own a unique gift of a hand made clock which also looks good is a bonus. The precision in clock making is most definitely an art form. Clockmakers work on fine tuning and with complicated mechanisms. Handmade clocks are of course more expensive than ones made in factories, and made wonderful unique gifts which will be treasured forever. The clocks are hard wearing and will need very little maintenance. Their life span will often outlive the receiver and such a unique gift can be passed down through the generations.

LEFF clocks are renowned for their quality and precision. They are made in many parts of the world from Amsterdam to Australia. When you are looking for that special unique gift you need look no further than a LEFF clock. Each clock has its own personality and style and will fit with any décor. The way in which the LEFF clocks are made ensures that each piece is unique in its own right, so to own a LEFF clock is to own a piece of history. The LEFF philosophy is unique in its own right. The brothers who set up the LEFF brand recognise that clocks are not essential to life, and just wanted to create something beautiful. Arno and Dennis Ruijzenaars and the designer Erwin Termaat named the brand LEFF which is a Dutch word “lef” which means heart in Hebrew. Based in the centre of Amsterdam, those who have studied history will know that the Anne Frank house is also in Amsterdam. Anne was a Jewess famous for hiding people from the Germans in World War II. It seems appropriate that the brothers used a Hebrew word for their brand of unique gifts. The boys consider that it is still worth building clocks, even though time is of the essence. The clocks make wonderful gifts and will be admired by the neighbours and friends who come to visit.

LEFF clocks are sold on line and in up market stores and museums in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Sydney, Milan and Shanghai. As ever, the best place to start sourcing your LEFF clock is on the internet. You are sure to be able to find that unique gift in the style which suits the intended recipient. It will be sure to be treasured and admired.


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