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The Ultimate Step-wise Guide to Decorate Your Home from Scratch

Home is where the comfort is, and most of us spend our lives in the pursuit of buying ourselves the coziest homes possible. But, no house is comfortable by default as you will have to invest a significant amount of energy and thought to make it look and feel comfortable.

Guide to Decorate Your Home from Scratch

Therefore, we have created for you the ultimate guide that will help you with ways to decorate your home from scratch, so you do not get overwhelmed by this tedious process.

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1.  Measure the Available Space:

It is the most unexciting step of the decoration process, but it plays a crucial role in defining the fundamentals of your home décor. Therefore, get a measuring tape and a notebook and take accurate measurements of available horizontal and vertical space in various rooms.

2.  Plan your Décor:

You may feel like you have loads to do, but do not get carried away by the immense magnitude of work. Instead, get a notebook and adequately plan the changes and additions you wish to make in each room.

For example, set the color tone of each room, and then write down all the accessories like ground furniture, and shelves to keep books or natural décor items you will need for each room. This strategy will significantly save you from a lot of uncertainty when you go for shopping for décor items.

3.  Browse for your Options:

Do not buy the first thing you see, instead, browse for options and explore various outlets to expand the gamut of options so that you can get your desired items at a reasonable cost. Also, get multiple paint samples and apply a bit on the wall to see which one works and which one does not.

4.  Decorate your Kitchen First:

Starting with the kitchen is essential because this space will be the center of your family. Therefore, decide on durable and quality equipment for the kitchen, pre-decide on things that are most important to you, and tweak the space accordingly.

5.  Add the Basics:

Make sure that the painting is done first and then look to install the basic requirements like cabinets, permanent shelves, and the necessary furniture. Focus on increasing the aesthetics like wall hangings and decorative items once your home has the essential functions and utilities.

6.  Decorate a Comfortable Bed and Bathroom:

Since you have chosen a color theme for your bedroom, now it is time to bring in complimenting furniture, bed sheets, wall hangings, and other stuff that can give your bedroom a homey feel. You can use various canvas prints to fancy up your bedroom wall with the help of CanvasChamp.

You can also look around to find useful bedroom décor tips that can take your bedroom vibe up a notch. Do not forget about your bathroom, and make sure that it has a relaxing feel such that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and you feel comfortable within its walls.

7.  Add your Personal Touch:

It is your home, and therefore, it must reflect your personality; for example, add plants if you like greenery or hang a plane mirror if you are minimalistic by nature.


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