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Great Crossover Vehicles for Moms

Safety is a top priority with a car, especially when you have children, and according to a survey by Forrester, young couples with families tend to by SUV-type vehicles, due to the passenger capacity and hatch space. They tend to have a high safety rating, but they’re terribly inefficient for gas. This is a major con for any mom or family working on a limited budget. This should offset gas costs somewhat. Mothers shopping for a new family vehicle should try to find a vehicle that has the safety rating and capacity of an SUV without having to sacrifice a budget.

The best features for a family vehicle include:

– Efficient gas mileage

– Large hatch space or in-floor storage

– Remote starter

Other bonus feature include:

-Dual headrest video screens

-Built-in booster seats

-Rearview mirror back-up camera

Crossover vehicles are option for buyers looking for a hybrid between regular cars and SUV’s that provide the safety and frame sturdiness with the increased fuel efficiency of many smaller cars. If you’re shopping for cars and you’re not finding the kinds of options you want, there are some car options to research, including:

The Ford Edge is a stylish and sleek crossover vehicle that combines the solid performance of an SUV with the modern intelligent technological features. US News, under it’s ranking and reviews, rated this car as one of the top market choices for an affordable midsize SUV. It also reported that the average mean price ranges between 26 to 36 thousand dollars, depending on features and other options. This car’s excellent suspension and all-wheel drive coupled with its easy to use interface and luxurious feel make this vehicle a credible candidate for any mom.

The Toyota Venza features all of the comfort of a larger vehicle in a smaller size. It’s the type of family vehicle that accommodates any size need without sacrificing style or functionality. The Venza is also ranked by US News as one of the top vehicles for 2011, and it earned a five-star rating for its safety features. Some have called it’s longer body equivalent to a station wagon. Regardless of what you call it, it’s a great choice if you want a lot out of your crossover at a fraction of the cost. Compared to other crossovers on the market, you can get one of these vehicles for fewer than 30 thousand, with an average cost between 26 to 30 thousand dollars.

The Honda Crosstour is a more interesting choice. It’s a little less like an SUV and more like a station wagon. It has a sedan look that provides the handling and utility storage space of a wagon. It has a sloping roofline and a lift-up rear hatch. It has almost four times the storage and cargo room as a regular sedan, but it still has the same stylish look and handling. It’s gotten very high marks for its safety and handling and comes in-between the Venza and Edge in price. It averages a cost of about 27 to 33 thousand dollars.

Before you decide to get a gas guzzling SUV, definitely consider a crossover vehicle. All of the choices listed above combine the economy and safety of larger cars without the size and bulkiness of a wagon or SUV. All affordable options that provide the comfort, stylish look, and safety that any parent would want. If you’re shopping around for cars be sure to include these top rated vehicles on the market today in your search.

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