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6 Gifts You Should Consider Giving as a Graduation Gift

Whether it’s from high school, college or a graduate program, graduations are special moments that deserve recognition.

When someone else’s kid is graduating, gifts are easy. Grab a gift card at the grocery store, and you’re done. But when it’s your own child, things aren’t quite as simple. For you and your child, this graduation signals a change in your family dynamic. Your child is gaining independence. Find a gift to reflect your child’s newfound (or upcoming) maturity, and he or she will remember it forever.

Here are 6 gifts you should consider giving as a graduation gift:

1.  A New Car

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Why not start out our list with the ultimate graduation gift? If your child doesn’t have a car or is driving around a clunker, this gift will help his or her transition into adulthood go smoothly.

Depending on your budget, this car doesn’t necessarily need to be brand-spanking new. A car that’s a few years old should still be reliable, and it’ll be new to your child. Either way, when you start your search, look for dealerships with special promotions. At graduation time, dealerships offer incentives in order to beat the competition. Shop around before you make a decision.

2.  Money

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Even if your child had a part-time job during school, he or she probably didn’t strike it rich. So, cash is always a welcome graduation gift. At this time, they may be looking for their first apartment or saving up for a house. As your gift, pad their bank account to help them get a head start.

You can decide what amount works best for you based on your own financial situation, but you can bet that any cash will be welcome. Of course, the larger the gift, the more memorable it will be.

3.  Laptop

laptopImage Source: Maxpixel

By the time they graduate college (or even high school), your child probably has their own laptop. Consider upgrading it with the latest and the greatest model. After they embark on their own, they may not have the disposable income to be able to buy a new laptop for themselves.

Again, you can get the best-of-the-best or just a decent new model, depending on your budget.

4.  Luggage Set

luggage setImage Source: Pngimg

Luggage is one of those adult things that most kids don’t really get until they’re out on their own. Sure, they may have a bag, but we’re talking about a good set here.

Ideally, this set will include a large, medium, carryon and overnight bag. This should cover all of your child’s needs.

5.  A Vacation

vacationImage Source: Flickr

Consider taking your child on a big trip, maybe to Asia or Europe, to commemorate their graduation. It’s a great way for you to bond before he or she gets out to tackle the world. You won’t have many more opportunities like this one, so it’s almost like a gift for you too.

6.  Cooking Lessons

cooking lessonsImage Source: Pxhere

As your child prepares to venture out on his own, consider funding a series of cooking lessons. Cooking is a skill that our society seems to be losing as we rely more on fast food and tv dinners. But we know these things aren’t healthy. Cooking lessons will help your child save money on meals while eating healthy – or at least, healthier than fast food.

We all want to raise children to have these basic life skills, so this is another win-win. When your son or daughter gets married, they will be able to pull their weight around the house.

It can be difficult to find the perfect graduation gift for your child, but these 6 gift ideas are a good start. And if you’re feeling like you’re still at a loss, consider asking your child what he or she wants.

Gifts are more impactful when they’re a surprise, but sometimes it’s best to just get what your child wants or needs.
What was the best graduation gift you ever gave or received?


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