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Graduation Gift Ideas For Kids

Do you know of a family member or friend that is graduating from school? If so, a simple “job well done” is not enough to celebrate their accomplishments. While finding an interesting yet useful gift may seem difficult, the following gift ideas are sure to score big with your graduate.

Tablets and Notebooks

If your graduate is heading off to college come fall, they’re going to need something lightweight and easily accessible to haul from class to class. While laptops are great for doing homework, they can be bulky and hard to carry. Tablets and notebooks are excellent resources used when it comes to researching papers. They are also great for skyping family members back home and getting directions to the nearest coffee house. Some of the latest electronic gadgets also come with a decent amount of storage room to house your homework.

Digital Camera

For graduates looking to document the next chapter of their lives, a digital camera can make a great graduation gift for a loved one. Because the high-tech gadgets have come down significantly in price, it’s also an affordable option. Whether they’re moving on to college or starting a new job, they can capture life’s moments with a touch of a button.


Cash, tablets, cameras and gift cards can help celebrate the recent graduate. However, if you’re looking for something special, a memory book is a sentimental way to mark the occasion. Yearbooks are filled with a number of items that include pictures, achievements and awards. It’s also a great way for other students to socialize when they personalize the memory books with their signatures, thoughts and phrases. A laptop can become obsolete the month after its purchase, especially if a newer model comes on the market. Sentimental gifts such as a yearbook can be explored and enjoyed over a lifetime.


A bike is the ideal graduation gift for a college graduate moving into a dorm. Most first year students aren’t afforded the luxury of keeping a car on campus. If you’re looking to get to class or travel off-campus for work or pleasure, a bike can make a practical gift. It’s also a great way to exercise and stay in shape.

Gift Cards

Graduates who are either going to college or renting their very first apartment are typically on a tight budget. If you’re looking to gift your loved one with something that they can really use, how about a gift card to their favorite retail store or restaurant. If they’re able to commute using their own set of wheels, a gift card to a local gas station can alleviate them the costs of having to fill up their own tank. Other useful tips for a gift card include cellular minutes, so your graduate can call you at home or treats at a nearby coffee shop.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

No matter if you’re studying for college tests or you want to enjoy some peace and quiet on your commute home from work, noise-cancelling headphones can make a handy gift for the graduate. Headphone models are lightweight and more compact. If you’re trying to keep out party noise or chatter from your roommate, today’s models can even keep out annoying background noise.

Watches and Jewelry

Watches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are gifts that go above and beyond. If your child has a charm bracelet, and you’ve added sentimental tokens throughout the years, a graduation is another momentous time in your child’s life. While jewelry is something that will last a lifetime, it can also be passed down from generation to generation. You can also have sentimental inscriptions or dates placed on the various trinkets. If you’re looking for something for a male recipient, a watch can hold significant meaning.


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