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Gizmos and Gadgets for the Safety of Your Children

September is Baby Safety month. For any mother, a baby safety month is not required in order to ensure that they take every measure possible to keep their baby safe. However, the same may not be true of nannies or caretakers. There are countless stories of tragedies involving children and negligent or abusive caretakers. It is every parent’s duty to ensure that their home and children are secure, and that the hired help is reliable, whether through the use of GPS tracking devices, surveillance cameras, or other means.

Nanny cameras are some of the most well known and commonly used means of keeping an eye on nurses and nannies. They come in the forms of teddy bears, tissue boxes, bedside alarm clocks, and other unobtrusive objects. Different baby cams will have varying capabilities, including video recording, audio recording, wireless transmitters, and motion sensors to preserve battery life. Some even sense body heat, and immediately start recording when body heat is detected within twenty to thirty feet of the camera. The average camera ranges anywhere from one hundred to six hundred dollars. Parents must choose the device that best suits their needs, and will blend in with the surroundings.

Another safety feature that parents may not know about is the swimming pool alarm. Designed to protect children from drowning in unsupervised bodies of water, a bracelet is worn around the child’s wrist that sounds an alarm when submerged. Also useful are child trackers, which are lightweight devices attached to the child’s shoelace, and sound an alarm at the touch of a button from a remote. Child trackers save adults much anxiety when looking for children at the mall or in any crowded area.

Teenagers also need monitoring, maybe even more so than small children. Arguably one of the most useful means of tracking teens today is by way of GPS tracking devices. GPS trackers can be placed in cars for accurate, undetected tracking. There are many options available, with passive trackers that must be retrieved before showing where the car has been, and live, or real time, GPS trackers. Real time GPS devices provide instant broadcasting of the vehicle’s coordinates, along with other specifics, such as the speed at which the car is traveling. While this is preferred by many parents, it comes with a monthly service fee such as that paid for a phone line.

When considering a GPS device, it is important to consider whether you require a permanent fixture that is wired in, or one that is battery powered. A battery powered device will need battery changes, whereas installation is more complicated with a wired device. For one time or temporary use, many retailers also offer rental plans for GPS trackers.

Devices like the Cell Phone Spy are also useful, as they read deleted text messages from a cell phone. This gadget requires no technical knowledge; simply slide the phone’s SIM card into the USB SIM card reader. The last ten phone numbers dialed and deleted text messages will appear.

Many security retailers offer a selection of products designed for protection of children and teens. The options are endless, with monitors and trackers to suit any need. This may be the most important investment you will ever make.



Fay Friedman is a mother and freelance writer who is an advocate of GPS tracking paraphernalia, and different means of technology that help keep kids safe.


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