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Gifts for kids who already have everything!

These days kids appear to have everything, from the latest games console to a certain style of trainer, which makes it even harder for those who have to buy them presents when their birthday or Christmas rolls around.

Never fear, there are still plenty of gifts out there that you can swap for the usual play it safe choice (forget the stuffed toys and Disney DVDs). Here are some ideas to get you started:


Dress them up

For some reason we all feel a little nervous about buying other people’s children clothing, when really parents should be over the moon to have such a dull task done for them.

However, you don’t have to buy the mundane everyday outfits, gifts should be fun after all! That’s why anything Disney related is sure to go down well; think Frozen t-shirts, Mickey and Minnie Mouse pajamas and cute accessories for summer holidays. A site such as LamaLoLi offer a great range for really low prices, so you can afford to pick up one of the present ideas below as an extra, find out more here.


Perfectly personalised presents

Kids love anything personalised and there are plenty of products out there that you can get creative with to reflect their personality. Reebok allow you to customise their kids’ trainer range, get creative and mix up the colors and designs so when they unwrap them you can let them know that the trainers are one of a kind. sellers offer a wide range of personalized gifts for children, from storybooks featuring them as the main character to capes embroidered with their superhero name or initials. Personalizing a gift creates a whole new sentiment behind it and something the receiver will cherish forever.


The great outdoors

Encourage the gift receiver to step away from their games console, pull on their wellies and head into the great outdoors. Pick up a brightly colored bucket and fill with a small bag of potting soil, spade, flowerpots and seeds plus some fun instructions on how to help the plants grow.

After all the fun of getting messy while planting the seeds they can then enjoy watching the plants grow. Plus if you include vegetable seeds they can even eat what they sow!


Snappy snaps

Kids love looking at old photographs of their family and asking questions about what is happening in each photo, that’s why a great gift idea is to pick up a large photo album and fill the front half with photos of their family and leave the second half blank so that they can finish filling it.


Create memories with coupons

Create a coupon for an ice cream date, a trip to the nearby amusement park, bowling or the zoo to make a child very happy. This gift also requires no initial expense from you and you can arrange a later date when you should plan the trip and book it into the diary. Sometimes the best gift is something that builds up excitement later.

Best of all whether you’re the parent buying these gifts or the wannabe fun auntie or uncle, they won’t break the bank and can create treasured memories for years to come.






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