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Gift Ideas for Your Teenager

Ahhh, the joy of teenagers. From their smelly gym clothes lying on the floor to their ever-changing moods, they sure can drive us nuts. Of course, we love them anyway. One of the many challenges of raising them is finding them gifts that don’t induce the dreaded eye roll. Whether it’s clothes, jewelry, sporting equipment, or the like, it’s hard to know what they like (especially when grunting is the closest thing to talking they’ve done in recent days). We can help. Read this for creative gift ideas for your teenager. You might even—GASP—get a smile!


Clothes for the Win?

We know, we know, this is oh-so-challenging so we’ll get it out of the way first. Clothes are a necessity and, while young kids nearly cry when they open a gift to find clothing, teens are actually at the age when they’re beginning to express themselves with fashion. Be daring! Consider a lifestyle brand like Stance Socks. Get a handle on what they’ve been wearing and where they like to shop and give it a whirl. What’s the worst that can happen? Unless it’s “final sale” (which we never recommend for teens), it can be returned. They’ll be impressed that you tried and, hey, they just might like them. If you have a fear of rejection, a gift card to his or her favorite store will do just fine as well.

Totes Tech

While older generations have trouble even remembering passwords, the future for our children is technology, technology, and more technology. iPads are being used in schools and many teens and tweens even have their own phones. If they don’t, this might be a good gift, with strings of course. Those—ahem—strings would be a limit on minutes, parental controls, and the threat of taking it away if it’s ever abused.

Although expensive, tablets are always a great gift that will rarely, if ever, go to waste. You might even consider getting them their own laptop or desktop computer, as they will need it often once they are in high school. A sort of off-the-wall gift in this realm would be a drone. Yes, parents are buying them for children, and they (particularly boys) love them. Technology isn’t going away so you might as well get on board and please them to boot.

Think Outside the Box


Teenagers are quirky beings and, thus, a quirky gift could be the order of the day. Does your teen girl love to snuggle up and watch movies (after doing homework, of course)? Get her this super soft mermaid blanket. Mermaids are so hot right now, right? Another thing you’ve likely noticed about teens is they always—and we mean always—have ear buds in. A pair of high-quality headphones from Bose is sure to be a hit.

Is your male teen into filmography, photography, or the like? Think about investing in a GoPro camera. Being different should be celebrated so if your teen marches to the beat of his own drummer, celebrate this. Hey, you could even get him a drum set (and yourself some earplugs)!

Seasonal Somethings

Consider the time of year your teen has his or her birthday. If he has a fall or winter birthday and a chill is in the air, consider a beanie or a new pair of gloves or mittens. Chances are, he lost his last pair anyway. If he or she is a skier, skater, or snowboarder, some new equipment could be a good call. Consider buying off-season to save money, or you can even check Craigslist. If your teen has a summer birthday, think swim trunks, a bikini (if you’re on board with those!), or a new “toy” for the lake or ocean.

Let’s face it—the struggle is real when it comes to buying gifts for teens. But if you follow these gift ideas for your teenager, you should be in great shape.



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