Parenting7 Cool Gift Ideas for the Little Animal Lover in your Life

7 Cool Gift Ideas for the Little Animal Lover in your Life

Do you have a little animal lover at home? From farm animals to household pets, deep-sea creatures and treetop dwellers, to creepy crawlies and scary carnivores, there’s a whole world of animals out there. And when you have a child who has a passion for all creatures great and small, that means when it comes to birthday presents and gifts – you can find a wide range of gifts for your kids here – you have plenty to choose from!

Best Gift Ideas for the Little Animal Lover

Treating your child to animal-themed gifts allows them to learn as they play in a wide variety of ways. Here you’ll find 7 cool gift ideas for the little animal lover in your life.

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Animal Pajamas

Who says that a birthday gift can’t be a practical one? Why not nurture their imaginations and encourage their passion for animals at bedtime too? A set of supercool animal-themed PJs will always be popular. You could even choose a couple of sets, a new dressing gown or a onesie of their favorite animal and who knows – they might just make bedtime a little easier!

An Annual Zoo Membership

You’re probably aware of how expensive a trip to the zoo can be. Even more so if your child wants to go more than once a month! Trips to the zoo are fun and educational, so an annual zoo membership is the perfect gift to keep them entertained and keep your wallet happy! You may also get discounts on products in the park as well as feeding experiences or food/drink.

Puzzles and Jigsaws

You can build on your child’s fine motor skills and concentration abilities with a couple of animal-themed jigsaws or puzzles. They’re also an activity you can do together or something your child can do as a quiet activity on a rainy afternoon.

Room Décor

What could be better for a little animal lover than transforming their bedroom into a whole new habitat? From farmyard scenes to jungle adventures, you can decorate your child’s room with stickers and wall art of their favorite animals or take it a step further and re-paint walls and update the carpet. It’s the perfect place to play!

Books, Books and More Books!

Whether your child would enjoy an encyclopedia or information books dedicated to their favorite animal or storybooks based around the creatures they love. Books are always a great gift for children of any age.

Sponsor an Animal

If your child’s favorite animal is endangered, or there are sanctuaries or reservations dedicated to keeping them safe, then consider letting them sponsor their favorite animal for a whole year. These adoption packs are hugely popular, and recipients usually enjoy regular updates about their favorite animal, pictures and a cuddly toy. Not only that, but your child will receive all this in the mail each month which is something for them to look forward to!

Animal Figures and Playsets

From Lego to Playmobil, you’ll find a huge range of animal-themed sets that your child will spend hours playing with! Check out your local toy store online or hit the high street.


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