ParentingTips For Getting Your Baby To Sleep Better

Tips For Getting Your Baby To Sleep Better

Having a new baby is an exciting time for many parents. It’s also a time filled with sleeplessness for both baby and mom and dad. Here are some tips to help get your baby to rest so you can get some much-needed shuteye.


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Invest in a Swaddling Blanket

Wrapping a baby in a blanket is a great way to comfort a fussy infant. A swaddling blanket works well for this because it’s stays wrapped. Some babies prefer their arms out, and some like the blanket a little loose, so experiment and see what works for your baby. When they are young, it’s best to lay your baby on their back, so they don’t roll onto their face in their sleep. If you are worried about having a flat head baby, gently turn your baby’s head to one side or the other after they have fallen asleep.

Add Sound to Their Room

Baby’s spend much of their time in a light-sleep stage, so noises easily wake them. Adding a white-noise machine to the nursery helps muffle sounds that occur outside their room. These machines create soft, subtle sounds similar to what your infant heard in the womb and help them feel more comfortable when sleeping. Some are available with timers, while others run all night long if you have a sensitive sleeper.

Have Bedding and Diapers Handy

Middle-of-the-night diaper leaks are commonplace with a newborn. To keep your baby from waking up when you turn on the lights, invest in a night light and keep everything you need for changes nearby. Have an extra set of sheets, or use a waterproof pad that you can pull out from under them and change out quickly. Consider using a sleep sack or gown that doesn’t need to be snapped or removed from their feet for quick diaper changes. Having everything nearby makes it much easier on you, too, as you try to manage all of this while you are also half asleep.

Keep Your Home Cool

All people sleep best in a cool house, especially babies. Set the thermostat to keep your home between 68 and 72 degrees at night. If you are worried your infant is too cold, lay your hand on their chest to see if it feels warm. If it does, they are warm enough. If they feel cool, you can adjust the temperature slightly or add a sleep blanket to cover them.

Create a Routine

Doing the same thing each night teaches your baby when it’s time to go to bed. Even when they are too small to notice, doing the same routine as they grow becomes a habit for both of you. An excellent way to end the day is with a warm, relaxing bath before being tucked in at night. You can add in a story or song, so they fall asleep to the comfort of your voice. Many routines that you start when they are young can be carried through into childhood and give you a few moments each day to spend a memorable time with your child.

Getting your baby to sleep well at night is essential for both of you. Start by following these tips, so you all wake feeling refreshed.

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