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How to Get your Kids to Eat Healthy

Do your children insist on eating junk food despite your best efforts? You should try to get them to eat better so that they can grow properly. The body of a growing child needs all the essential food groups to keep growing. Here are several tips that come in handy when trying to get your kids to eat better:

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Make a Schedule

A child should eat every 3 to 4 hours: 3 meals, 2 snacks, and plenty of fluids. If you plan these meals well, your kid will be less cranky as he will be full. When having a fun day out with your family, you should pack healthy snacks in a cooler to avoid eating fast food.

Plan Dinners

Is coming up with a weekly menu too hard? You should write a menu for two to three days. Your dinners do not have to be fancy; just make sure that you add fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and carbohydrates to keep them balanced.

Don’t Lecture Them

As hard as this seems, try not to nitpick and comment on everything that your child eats. You should be as neutral as possible.  You have done your job by serving the child a balanced meal, forcing him to eat the meal should not be your job. If you become an enforcer, forcing your child to eat the veggies, he will only become more defiant.

Introduce New Meals Slowly

Naturally, your children will be suspicious of any new food items that you introduce. To prevent them from hating the food, you should introduce it in small portions. You can also tell your kids that his favorite hero eats veggies to stay strong; this should be a great motivator for eating new foods.

Make the Morning Count

Most children do not eat enough fiber daily. The best way to sneak in some fiber is by serving foods that are rich in fiber in the morning. High-fiber cereals are great for a quick fiber fix. You can also cook pancakes using whole grain flour instead of using white flour.

Sneak in Soy

Do your kids have an allergic reaction to milk? You need to buy them soymilk. Although the taste is a bit weird at first, the kids might get used to it in time. If your child does not get used to the taste, you should sneak in some soy milk in recipes; it will be almost undetectable.

Cut Back on Junk

Remember that you are responsible for the food that gets into your house. If you buy less junk food, your children will have to eat fruits and dairy products when they feel hungry.

Allow Treats

When you allow less-than-healthy foods in your home, your children will not feel like you have forbidden them. When you make it clear that your kids should never eat junk, they might find it more appealing. Checkout SweetServices.com an online candy store that offers a wide variety of sweets that are also cheap. Your kids will definitely like it.

Be their Role Model

When telling your kids to eat healthy, you should lead by example. If you have erratic eating habits, your kids might think it is normal. You should send the kind of message that you want them to follow.

Adjust Your Attitude

What your children end up eating over time is what matters. Therefore, you should not get an ulcer when they ask for popcorn at the movies. As long as they eat a balanced diet, they will be fine.



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