ReviewsGame Review: Ubisoft Imagine Cheerleader - Nintendo DS

Game Review: Ubisoft Imagine Cheerleader – Nintendo DS


Play an athletic and passionate girl who wants to make a difference in her school by becoming a cheerleader. Learn different cheers, jumps, lifts, and routines that will get the crowds pumping and inspire your teams to victory! What does it take to be a cheerleader? Think you’re ready to try? This simulation game will see if you’re up to the challenge.” –

Imagine: Cheerleader Reviews

Amanda from Mommy Mandy says…

All young girls will love this new game by Ubisoft. Imagine: Cheerleader has quickly become Sam’s favorite game to play! Not only is this game fun to play but even the youngest cheerleaders can play! Sam is 6 years old and figured out how to play the moment she got it.

I asked her what she thought of the game and she said it was a lot of fun. She showed me how you can change your cheerleaders hair, and clothes. She then showed me how to play some of the games. Read more from Amanda and check out her video review HERE!

Latricia from 1StopMom says…

When you first start the game you are able to create your cheerleader. Kayla had fun picking her name, hair color and school colors. Next you have a few choices of which mode you would like to play:
  • Challenge
  • Mini-games
  • Multiplayer
  • Story
In story mode you get to start your own team and rally your school. You even get to win trophies. Story mode is where you want to be if you want to unlock goodies and collect coins. The coins are used to buy cheers and more outfits. The challenge mode is more for practicing and getting top scores.

When you choose mini-games you get to pick from Jump Rope, Bake Sale and Mary Mack. I like the Jump Rope one. Kayla’s favorite is Mary Mack. They both were fun. Read more from Latricia HERE!

Kimberly from She Scribes says…

We were able to get our daughter the Imagine Cheerleader game recently and that is all that she plays with now. It’s like she’s obsessed with it.
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I asked her what she likes best about it and she replied “Everything”. So I tried to get a bit more information out of her and she says that it’s fun, she LOVE designing the uniforms and she loves to earn points to she can unlock new features. She also mentioned that she likes to have a lot of cheerleaders on the team because you can do more “fun things” with them.

I love the colorful graphics. It does look like a lot of fun from what I got to see of it. If I wasn’t so “technologically challenged” (ha ha) I would sneak into her room and take out the Nintendo DS and make the attempt to figure it out. It looks complicated with all the moves but my daughter says it’s really easy.

The game is made by Ubisoft and it’s sold wherever Nintendo DS games are sold (online and at retail locations). It seems to range in price but it’s sold for around the $29.99 range. By comparison it’s a good price compared to other Nintendo DS games we have seen on the market. Read more from Kimberly HERE!

Imagine: Cheerleader



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