ReviewsGame Review: The World of Goo from Brighter Minds Media

Game Review: The World of Goo from Brighter Minds Media

Here’s what Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Gina from The Clan McLeod had to say about The Word of Goo from Bright Minds Media….

I’m an addict


Hello, my name is Gina, and I’m a World of Goo addict.

I’m here to get help.
To be set free.
But yet, it calls my name…”Gina!!” It says. “Come and play with me! Beat that next level!” HELP! I can’t stop!

World of Goo is definitely one of the BEST games I have ever played. For $20, you certainly get your money’s worth from it by offering hours of game play and mind boggling challenges!

Defining the laws to gravity, this puzzle game really puts your mind and imagination to work. The goal? To get a certain number of Goo balls from the starting point to the pipe by building structures using the slimy, wiggly goo balls themselves, all while still having enough left over to meet the quota for the Goo Corporation Pipe.



Each level (there are 47 in all, in 4 levels), and type of goo ball, offers its own challenge. Build towers, cannonballs, flying machines, bridges, or whatever your mind can fathom to get the goo balls from point A to point B. The possibilities are endless and each are fascinating! Even better is that you ca go back and play your favorite levels and perfect each contraption!

World of Goo has beautiful graphics and the sounds are fun and fitting, adding a nice element to the game. There is also a humorous storyline that ties the puzzles together, which most of it is brought to you via “The Sign Painter.” I haven’t gotten quite far enough along in the game to fully get the story part, but I must say, the signs are quirky and fun! I find myself searching them out and reading them before starting the levels.

World of Goo is easily the game of the year and has already been awarded the “Design Innovation Award” and the “Technical Excellence Award” at the 2008 Independent Game Festival.

World of Goo is brought to you by Brighter Minds Media and is available for purchase at Or, if you aren’t sure World of Goo is for you (though I’m sure you’ll love it!) download a demo version of the first chapter HERE!

Also, when purchasing World of Goo, or any other of the great titles marketed by Brighter Minds Media, use the code MomFuse40and receive 40% off ALL orders at – expires December 2009.

The Clan McLeod

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