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Fun Halloween Crafts

We are really getting into crafting. I never had much interest in it when I was younger but the older and more wiser I get, I do enjoy crafting. Check out these fun Halloween crafts that you can do.

Happy Halloween Wreath

12 or 16 inch straw wreath (keep the plastic wrapping intact)
1 yard (approx.) Halloween-themed cotton fabric
Pinking shears
Phillips head screwdriver
Jumbo paper clip

1. If you have a stash of fabric scraps, go through it and find fabrics with Halloween designs or simple designs in orange, black, purple or lime. If you are purchasing new fabrics, go for a mix of prints and solids, and be sure to check out the calico cotton section of your fabric store for orange and black checks and dots to intersperse with the bat, witch and goblin prints.

2. Cut the fabrics into 3 inch squares with the pinking shears. If you measure the first few cuts you’ll get an idea of the size to eyeball the rest of the squares.

3. Using the screwdriver, punch the fabric squares into the wreath. Place the fabric on the wreath in the desired location and push down in the center of the fabric square with the screwdriver. The objective is to cover the sides, top and inside of the wreath form.

4. Open the paperclip and bend it into a “v” shape. Turn the ends up and bend slightly out; jab it into the wreath to form a hanging loop.

Optional: Add a Halloween-themed embellishment such as an ornament, a small plush toy or a wooden craft die-cut shape to the completed wreath.


Pumpkin Treat Bag

2 Sheets of Orange Foam
Black Foam
2 Giant Green Pipe Cleaners
Brads Glue Dots
Hole Puncher

Begin by cutting two orange foam pieces into a pumpkin shape, however, curve down at the top. Cut black pieces of foam for the pumpkin’s face. Attach the foam pieces to one of the orange pumpkin shapes using glue dots. Place both pieces of orange foam together and hole punch along the sides. Place brads through the holes, except for the very top holes, leave those blank. Curl a giant green pipe cleaner around a pencil. Pull the pipe cleaner slightly to loosen ringlets. Attach the ends of the giant pipe cleaner to the top two holes for the bag’s handle. Twirl another pipe cleaner around a pencil, leave the ringlets tight and twist them around the bags handle


Ghost Centerpiece

Cheese cloth
Fabric stiffener ( I used Stiffy by Plaid)
Small container
Splat mat (I highly recommend you get one of these! They are great for many reasons www.herrschners.com )
Black felt for eyes and mouth
Small terra cotta pot
Styrofoam (1 to fit snuggly inside the pot and 1 large for the head and 2 small for the arms.)
Wood dowels
Plastic wrap

Make a form for your ghost. This is how I made mine but you can come up with your own idea too. Insert the large Styrofoam ball into the pot. Insert the dowel into the Styrofoam and add the head to the top. Insert dowels into the Styrofoam for the arms. Wrap plastic wrap around the Styrofoam so that the cheesecloth won’t stick. Cut a piece of cheesecloth making sure it is big enough to drape over the form. Set the pot on the mat in a place where you can leave it over night. Saturate the cloth with Stiffy and drape over your form. Mold it and shape it the way you like it. Let dry. Once dry pull out the form and cut round eyes and a mouth. Glue it to your ghost.


Personalized Halloween Candy Bag

1 – _Simply Spray_ ® paint (your color of choice)
1 -_ DecorArt_ ® Glow-in-the-dark Dimensional Writer paint
1 – White canvas tote bag
1 – Sheet of _Reynolds_ ® Freezer Paper
2 – Wooden pumpkin templates
Newspaper or clear trash bags

1 – Pen or pencil
1 – Pair of Scissors
1 – Iron

Cover your work area with clear plastic trash bags (or newspaper) to avoid excess spray from ruining your furniture or floors. Place your freshly washed and dried canvas tote on top of the clear trash bags (or newspaper). Turn iron on medium heat and let warm. Place the wooden pumpkins on top of a piece of freezer paper and trace. Cut out the pumpkin shapes. Place the pumpkins shapes, shiny side down, on top of the canvas and gently iron. (Turn off iron.)  Spray a light coat of _Simply Spray_ ® over the canvas. Don’t worry about covering the pumpkin template. Let dry. (If the color is too light, or you’d like to add another color, wait until the first spray dries before adding another coat. This will prevent bleeding.) Remove the freezer paper by gently lifting one corner and peeling off the canvas. Shake puff paint upside down, and squeeze. As you squeeze the paint, trace the pumpkin shapes. Add lines and let dry.


Decorate a Pumpkin

What You Need: Pumpkin, Assortment of HERSHEY’S Candies (HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Milk Chocolates, REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures, YORK Peppermint Patties, TWIZZLERS PULL-N-PEEL Candy, etc.),
Confectioners’ glue: 4 teaspoons all-natural egg whites (meringue powder, such as Just Whites-TM dried egg product), 1/4 cup warm water, 3 cups powdered sugar, sifted.

Create faces or patterns by gluing HERSHEY’S Candies onto your pumpkin. It’s easy, clean and safe! To make Confectioners’ glue: Gently stir together egg white powder and water according to directions on the egg white powder package or until completely dissolved. Beat in powdered sugar until thick and smooth. Use immediately! Completed craft is for decorative purposes only and candy should not be eaten!


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