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Fun Halloween Apps for Kids

Halloween is just a few days away and our kids are so excited. They are excited to wear their costumes and everything they want to do right now whether it be reading, crafts, etc are Halloween based.

The kids love playing games and learning on the tablets. They are always looking for new things to try out, books to read and games to play.

That’s a good thing, because right now we are working with Intel, we received one of their Intel Tablets to test and try out, and so far we are loving everything about it.

Interested in learning more about Intel or their tablets? You can join us!

If you find your kids loving Halloween as much as ours, then we have some great Halloween apps for kids that we are sure yours will enjoy!

Fun Halloween Apps For Kids

Halloween Apps for kids

Halloween Costume Party

This is a fun kids game where kids get their character ready for a Halloween party. In the app the characters use spooky toothbrushes and Halloween-themed tools to help them look glam for the party! Not only that but it also reminds kids to wash up and brush their faces.


One of my favorite apps that came preloaded on the Intel tablet is the iStoryTime. My kids are obsessed with this app.

iStoryTime is an app htat features a library of children’s books. FREE full length Read Aloud storybooks like The Giant Smurf, Madagascar, Ice Age and Robin Hood!

Halloween Apps for Kids

This is such a great app and has encourage more reading in both of our children. Even my son who doesn’t like to read has had fun reading the books or listening to them so that’s a huge plus for us.

Bouncy Bill Halloween

This is the Halloween edition of Bouncy Bill. In this edition of Bouncy Bill you need to help Bill bounce on the magic platforms to reach his destination by jumping to different platforms. Our son really enjoyed this game and I have to admit I got into the game as well. So this ended up being a fun game to play for both us parents and the kiddos.

Dora Halloween

In Dora Halloween, Dora is excited to join the great Halloween party this year but throughout the game you have to try and save Dora from the witches and wicked pumpkins.


These were some of our favorite apps we found using our Intel tablet. There were many other that we tried and the kids enjoyed but these were the kids’ favorite.

And as far and the tablet goes, so far we have had a great time with the Intel tablet. The tablet runs really smooth and we’ve not had any trouble updating apps or installing them.


#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

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