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15 Fun Facts About Dogs You Never Knew – Reader’s Digest

Dogs are miraculous animals. They often seem to have superpowers with all the things they can do. Canines are intelligent and tenacious, and they love their owners above all else. Here are a few fun facts about dogs you never knew.


1. The Doggy-Paddle Is Real

The Doggy-Paddle

You may be familiar with the doggy-paddle stroke when swimming. It wasn’t invented for nothing — dogs really know how to paddle with their paws to propel themselves forward. Not every dog can swim, though, and most cannot hold their breath, so before you put your pup in the water, make sure to outfit him with a lifejacket to keep him afloat.

2. She’s Highly Intelligent

Highly Intelligent dog

Dogs are smarter than you may think. It takes a lot of brainpower to comprehend all those commands and tricks, then execute them flawlessly every single time. Most dogs can understand as much as around a two-year-old human child.

3. He’s Good for Your Health

good for health

Simply owning a dog can lessen your risk of developing heart disease or another illness. Dogs are thought to lower stress, as someone’s blood pressure decreases when petting their pup. Dogs are great companions, and they can keep you healthy, too!

4. Her Nose Print Is Unique

unique nose

Like how your fingerprints identify you, dogs can be identified by their noses. The print of your pup’s nose is a unique identifier to her. Many people make art out of their dogs’ nose prints, which could be a fun activity for you and your pup on a lazy afternoon.

5. Puppies Dream Frequently

sleeping dog

All dogs have dreams — you’ve probably seen yours twitching in his sleep or releasing little yelps. Puppies seem to dream more frequently than any other age of dog, probably due to their relative inexperience with the world. Many people process the world around them through dreams, so maybe the same could be said for dogs.

6. She’ll Yawn When You Do


If you’ve ever seen another person yawn, you’ve likely yawned, too. Yawning is contagious, not only between people but also between humans and animals. If your pup watches you yawn, odds are, she’ll soon be unhinging her jaw for a yawn, too.

7. He Loves Music

dog love music

Music can affect dogs’ moods, similar to how humans listen to different playlists depending on their emotions. For example, fast-paced music could help a dog feel playful or excitable. If you have a hard-to-calm puppy, consider playing classical music to entice her to take a nap. Many online playlists are built just for dogs!

8. She Can’t Taste As Much As You

For this reason, you should opt to feed your pup blander “people food” rather than a dish loaded with spices. Dogs only have around 1,700 taste buds. That number may seem like a lot until you realize that humans can have up to 10,000. It’s okay, though — what your pup lacks in taste, she makes up for with her spectacular sense of smell.

9. He Does Sweat

He Does Sweat

Many people believe that dogs don’t sweat and only pant. While they release much of their heat through panting, they do sweat through their paw pads. Sweat helps regulate temperatures and keep mammals cool, so it makes sense that dogs would sweat through a part of their body without fur.

10. She Has Three Eyelids

Three Eyelids

A dog’s third eyelid serves as extra protection for its eyes. This way, when your puppy is running around, she has an extra layer that can keep her eyes safe from dirt, bugs, sunlight or anything else she may run into. Some breeds are predisposed to having issues with their third eyelids, so you should carefully monitor your pup’s eyes as she grows up.

11. He Isn’t Colorblind

The idea that dogs can only see in black and white is a myth. Dogs do see color, but it’s nowhere near as vibrant as the colors humans see. Canines see duller hues than their human counterparts. If you want your pup’s toys to stand out to him, consider getting him bright blue or electric yellow toys, and they’ll likely respond to them the best.

12. Obesity Is Common

Just like obesity in humans, obesity in dogs can lead to several health issues that could affect their quality of life. To keep your dog from gaining unwanted weight, make sure you discuss her dietary needs with your veterinarian. They can recommend brands of dog food that are excellent for maintaining a healthy weight or even certain diet foods that can help your pup lose weight without increasing her exercise by too much.

13. He Has Empathy

When people think of empathy, they typically think only humans and “advanced” animals can empathize with others of their species. Dogs also have huge hearts when it comes to helping out their own. In a study, compassionate dogs would ensure that their fellow canines had a treat, even if it meant going without one for themselves. They genuinely want the best for other canines and humans.

14. She’s Basically A Teenager

If you ever wonder why your puppy acts up and aggravates you so much, think of it this way: a one-year-old dog is sort of like a 15-year-old human. She’s just a teenager, so it makes sense that she’d get into things and cause trouble wherever possible. Try to have patience with your puppy, even when she may be teething and destroying things. With some training, she’ll likely grow out of those issues.

15. He Can See Better At Night

You may think of cats as the only animal who can see well in the dark. Dogs can also see well, albeit not as great as cats. They have a light-reflecting layer behind their retinas, which allows them to see in low-light conditions. If you think your pup is barking at nothing, it might just be something you can’t see.

Embrace Your Unique Puppy

While many different facets of dogs differ based on their breed and age, there’s one thing you cannot deny: that your puppy is unique and a perfect fit for you! Enjoy your years with your furry family member, and be sure to let other people know about all the superpowers dogs have, from lowering your blood pressure to seeing in the dark.

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