Parenting6 Tips for Displaying Framed Photographs on Your Walls

6 Tips for Displaying Framed Photographs on Your Walls

Framed Photographs

There is no doubt that a wall of framed photographs can serve as an interesting feature in your space and add that touch of ‘home’ while allowing you display treasured memories in style. With a little planning and some coordination, you can transform any bare wall into a mini photo gallery. Here’s how:

framed photographs

1.  Figure it All Out

Have you ever tried hanging frames only to discover after drilling the nail into the wall that you drilled too high or that the positioning of the frames could have been better? Well, this is usually the end result if you begin without planning a specific arrangement. You need to first know how you want the wall to look when you are done, and what pictures you would like to feature.

A hanging kit can be used to achieve this. However, there is an alternative if you are a certified do-it-yourselfer. You can trace the frames to be hung on cheap paper, cut out the tracing and stick the cut outs with easily removable tape (such as painter’s tape) on the wall. This way, you can keep switching up the arrangement until you get the perfect one and, using the paper as a guide, hammer away.

2.  The Photos Are Important but Frames give them Character

One thing I love about frames is how they can transform any photograph, giving it character and sometimes, helping it sound a message. The good thing is that you can always find a great place to buy cheap photo frames in a range of varieties. If you decide to stick to frames of the same colour, then you can opt for different designs for a different twist. On the other hand, where you go for different types of frames, consistency is important. You should choose black and white or sepia photos.

3.  You Can Mix It Up

Although you can choose to use similar frames, for a bit of drama, you can play around by combining with a wall letter, mixing up your arrangement by including mirrors or adding a framed abstract painting for a pop of colour. A baby handprint can also be a unique addition.

4.  Consider Your Surroundings

You need to consider how your wall colour, furniture and floor covering will affect the overall look of the photographs. This is important because the look that you want the photographs to achieve has to complement your surroundings.

5.  Watch the Height

A fundamental, yet, often broken law when it comes to hanging frames, is that they if you strain your neck to see the frame, it is probably too high. A frame that hangs at eye level is just right, usually at a distance of five feet between the centre of the picture and the ground. However, if your ceilings are a bit high, then you could hang the frames a bit higher.

6.  Proportion Matters

You do not want the wall looking all cluttered. You need to be sure that sizes of the frames, and the size of the wall, are balanced. To maximize a small wall space, a multi-picture frame is a good idea.


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