ShoppingFor Fashion Forward Females: Smart Steps for Saving Serious Cash on Clothes...

For Fashion Forward Females: Smart Steps for Saving Serious Cash on Clothes Shopping

Most people wouldn’t make fashion purchases far above their means. They do tend to stay within their price range. When they overspend, it happens because they tend to give in to temptation and shop too often. While it tends to be easy to tell yourself to not buy something expensive, it can be harder to hold back from making multiple, reasonably priced purchases that add up to much the same thing. Trying to exercise willpower usually doesn’t work; it can be too hard. What you can do, instead, is to try brain hacks, your aim being to look great, without overspending.


Your first hack: focus exclusively on what looks good on you

Many women end up buying too often, simply because they aim to buy what looks good on the fashion models in the pictures. They don’t necessarily think of what is likely to look good on them. When fashion that flatters you is the test that you apply to the fashion purchases that you make, you’ll find that the range of choice available to you quickly narrows. Not every fashion idea works on every person, after all. You’ll find, in the end, that you have no choice but to buy less. It’s that hard to find fashion that really looks good on you. You’ll end up spending less, and looking better than ever.


Tell yourself that you will only shop when you have a coupon

Stores offer coupons like these Old Navy Canada discounts for a very clever reason — they want to be able to advertise lower prices without actually lowering sticker prices. They also know that most consumers aren’t organized enough to get their coupons together before they shop. They tend to be impulsive shoppers, and to buy simply when they want to.

You can be different. Rather than try to force yourself to stick to a budget, all you need to do is to tell yourself that there’s no way that you will ever let the stores profit off you — you’ll never buy without a coupon. It isn’t as hard as you might think. Stores do want you to shop, and keep putting out coupon schemes, even famous, and in-demand retailers such as Jabong. All you need to do is to take advantage of what’s on offer.


Do you want the latest or do you simply want a change?

Many people don’t realize that when they get the itch for a change of wardrobe, they don’t necessarily need anything brand-new. All day want is something that’s new. This is where clothing swaps come in. While your particular neighborhood may not have a clothing swap service, you can easily get your friends together for an informal arrangement.


Stock up when it’s cheap

Clothing retailers love to hype both the freshest fashions and the end-of-season/off-season sales when everything must go. Tell yourself that you’ll never buy anything in prime season. You can buy winter clothing in spring, and summer clothing and winter. You’ll find such great bargains.


Sue Porter is a working mom and a confirmed bargain hunter and shopping enthusiast. She loves to share her tips and suggestions for bagging a bargain with an online audience and writes for several shopping and lifestyle websites.




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