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Food During Pregnancy: Which Is Safe To Eat And Not

When you’re pregnant, there is no better time to take good care of your health than knowing that you have a baby inside of you. You have to eat the right food and avoid the ones that will harm your child. But how to know which is safe and which ones are to look out for?

Have you asked yourself with questions like: Can pregnant women eat clam chowder? Can pregnant women eat mushrooms while pregnant? Because who knows? You might get food poisoning while pregnant. And that is something you should not want to experience during your pregnancy.

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So, here’s a list of what food you should eat and what shouldn’t eat.

Five Foods to Eat When You’re Pregnant

Chowing down some healthy, delicious bites will help you in top shape when you’re expecting your child. Moreover, it will help you have a hale and hearty baby! So, here are seven lucky food to have.


This dairy product is essential to pregnant mommies out there since it contains more calcium and protein than milk or cheese. Also, it has probiotics that boost digestive health. It can also lessen complications of infections, diabetes, and allergies. Women who are lactose-intolerant can eat yogurt without feeling uneasiness in their stomach.


Eggs contain your powerful, lean, mean protein needs, as well as your baby’s. It is necessary for the total development growth of your child as proteins serve as the building blocks of the body. He would need it most when he’s developing his organs and body parts. Moreover, eggs have plenty of minerals and vitamins like choline, the one that assists in developing your child’s healthy brain.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the brain and eye development of your child. Not only has that, it, too, increased the immune system of the baby. Fish oil is also known as an anti-depressant. It will help maintain the mother’s moods throughout her pregnancy and lowers the risk of postpartum depression as well.

Whole Grains

Oats are rich in fiber which is needed for a healthy digestive system. Pregnant women can also gain vitamin B nutrients and magnesium when having their daily oatmeal, packed with berries and other fruits.


The fruits are rich in Vitamin C and fiber. They are known to boost the immune system of both the mother and her child. Furthermore, it increases water intake and the absorption of iron inside the body once eaten with other healthy meals.

Those are our top five healthy choices for mommies-to-be out there. But, we tell you, that there tons of other healthy choices that we haven’t included like, leafy vegetables, salmon and lean meat. The next part deals with the top five food you should avoid.

Five Foods to Avoid When You’re Pregnant

What shouldn’t you eat when you’re expecting a child? There are some cases that food you’re about to chug down contains bacteria that will harm you and the baby. Some would even get you food poisoning while pregnant. So, here are bites you should steer clear away from.

Unpasteurized Milk Products

Chugging down unpasteurized dairy products will let you develop listeria. The bacteria will cause you fever, muscle pains, nausea and diarrhea when pregnant. Your baby will also develop it when the bacteria infect him through the placenta.

Raw Seafood

Remember, you can’t eat sushi when you’re pregnant because chances are, you’ll get an upset stomach. Anything raw will affect your baby inside of you since his digestive tract isn’t well-developed yet. Just try to keep your seafood diet around 12 ounces in a week.Crabs along with shrimps, lobsters as well as shellfish make up the seafood diet.

Avoid Caffeine

Stop taking your morning coffee! However, if you can’t resist it, just limit your caffeine intake 200 mg per day. Caffeine is a diuretic and keeps your liquid intake flushed away. It’s bad because you need to have loads of water intake to keep your body going through the day.

Raw Meat

Like raw seafood, this type of meat is unsafe to eat while being pregnant. It, too, can develop listeria which at most can cause miscarriages. If you are pregnant, avoid eating them for a while.


Alcohol may cause congenital disabilities or miscarriages, and we couldn’t stress that enough. It will hamper your child’s development as its body or digestive system can’t handle it. In fact, it can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or mental retardation in a child.

Overall, you should be careful of what you’re going to eat now that you’re pregnant. You can consult a doctor or a dietician on what expectant mothers would eat. If you think a certain dish would make you feel queasy, it’s safer not to eat it at all. Better safe than sorry.

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