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Five things you can do to improve your health in the next 60 days

Developing a healthy lifestyle is not something that will happen overnight; however, small changes will become habits, which can improve your health by significant amounts. Take 60 days and commit to making small changes, each and every day, to achieve better health. The following five things will help you make these changes, and put you on the path to a happier and healthier life.


Number 1: Commit to eating the rainbow each day.

One of the very best ways that you can improve a poor diet is to consume a significant amount of colorful fruits and vegetables each day – and the more, the better. The chemicals that occur naturally in vegetables and fruits are what provide the vibrant colors, which are also called phytonutrients, and extremely beneficial to your overall health and well-being. There are literally thousands of different types of phytonutrients and they have many benefits. A number of the phytonutrients will double as an antioxidant, which are types of chemicals that will attack the free radicals in your system that can damage tissue.

Number 2: Cut out the consumption of all processed foods.

This one step may have the biggest impact on your life, than any other change you make, no matter how big. Processed foods are ones that have been altered in some way from their original or natural state. There are a number of ways that a food can lose the nutrients that occur naturally, from excessive heating or cooling, as well as implementing the use of additives. By the time that these originally fresh foods actually make it to your plate, they will not be recognizable from their original state, which means that you are left consuming a large number of empty calories.

On top of the wide array of additives that are found in processed foods, which are used as flavor enhancers and preservatives, there have been links to substances in processed foods leading to health issues. These health issues include obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Some of the harmful additives that are found in processed foods include food dyes, trans-fats, sodium, high fructose corn syrup and nitrates.

Number 3: Make your own meals at home.

Going to the fast food joint or simply picking up a pre-cooked meal on the way home from work is very appealing for this fast paced society. However, while these meals taste great, they are also typically filled with empty calories and high in fat. Additionally, they are in most cases filled with ingredients that are processed and served in huge portion sizes.

When you eat in, you have control over the portion sizes and the foods that are used while cooking. You can ensure that you have fresh and flavorful ingredients that are non-processed. When you begin to make a routine of preparing meals at home, you will take pride in the creations and appreciate the fresh ingredients that go into them. Additionally, as you continue to do this, the fresh foods will become more appealing than the quick meals you pick up on-the-go.

Number 4: Implement the use of mind-body exercises.

While physical exercises are important to any healthy living lifestyle, you should also implement the use of mind-body exercises. These are types of physical activities that will link your movements with increased body awareness. Additionally, there have been a number of studies that show both mental and physical benefits for those that practice these activities. The difference in mind-body exercises from other types is the fact that they constantly have you paying attention to your body in the means of your position, breathing and your overall feelings.

When you are exercising be sure that you have the proper workout gear. This means purchasing high-quality options, such as the Fabletics line offered by Kate Hudson.


Number 5: Get enough rest.

Getting a full night’s sleep on a regular basis is another helpful step to improve your overall well-being. You need to ensure that you receive at least eight hours of sleep in order to reap the benefits of less stress, and be more aware and focused. Ample rest can also help you to be in a better mood and stick with your new, healthy exercise and eating habits.


The fact is that 60 days is not that long of a time period; however, if you commit to implementing these five steps you will see a significant improvement in your health and well-being. Also, as you progress through the 60 days you will notice how much easier the steps become and you will begin to implement them without even thinking.


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