LifestyleFive hen party accessories for the nostalgic bride to be

Five hen party accessories for the nostalgic bride to be

Hen parties are a last hurrah for the blushing bride-to-be before she ventures into marital bliss – a combination of fun, frivolity, friends and family. Of course the night is noticeable for one key absentee, but if the bride wishes to ‘bring’ her beloved with her, or for that matter some of the memories they’ve shared, there are ways of doing so.


Photo t-shirt

This is perhaps the most romantic of the choices on offer for the Hen, since you can carry a picture of your loved one (or ones) close to your heart. A big beaming picture of their face will inspire admiration from interested onlookers, or alternatively push them to wonder what you see in him! Consider an online store such as Photobox for this.


Don’t just necessarily stick with future husband – children may also be incorporated, or perhaps you’d like your own picture – ‘Rachel’s Hen Night ’. Include a date, either the hen night itself or the wedding day, and get to work painting the town red.


Fancy dress

In choosing fancy dress go for something that will allow you to complete drinking game challenges, and leave your pride at the door; L-plates, bridal veils, tutus, devil horns and tridents and French Maid outfits are all acceptable. Superheroes such as Catwoman and Wonder Woman are available in different colours, while the light skirts of the girls from Grease are perfect for a summer evening in the beer gardens.


Another popular theme is the ‘Where’s Wally’ outfit of red and white stripes, glasses and woolly hat, except that the name on the t-shirt or jumper is changed to that of the Bride-to-be of course. Alternatively you could alter it to the name of the husband-to-be: “Where’s Darren – not here!”



Badges have their pros and cons. The needle might poke into flesh, and they can become lost or damaged very quickly. However a badge is light and easy to wear, and can be taken off and put in a bag when you hit the dance floor. Go for a constant theme across the party, with a giant version for the Hen, and don’t be shy of incorporating photographs into the design; they might become a talking point during the evening.



Not just the preserve of beauty queens, sashes can be created to say anything you desire, in any font you desire and in any size, and can be combined with ribbons and banners for maximum carnage on your night out or tour.


If you want words of wisdom or sayings from your other half, then it’s possible. Let’s be realistic though; your more-likely wording will be something such as ‘last night of freedom’ or ‘Magaluf 2015’.


Face mask

If you can’t face a night away from the hubby-to-be (even if he would be appalled at some of your antics) then why bother? Simply print and distribute face masks of said-partner to everyone concerned.
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Be warned though – even if this is something you don’t want there’s every chance that your hens will do this anyway, suddenly producing the masks at an opportune moment, such as when you return from the toilet.



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