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How to Prepare for Your First Camping Trip with the Family

Camping with your family can be a lot of fun. It creates memories and bonds that last a lifetime. Children can develop a sense of adventure and love for the great outdoors, working parents are able to devote their full attention to their kids for extended periods of time but it could also be a disaster.

First Camping Trip

Good planning and preparation will guarantee a camping trip that your family will remember. Here are a few things to consider for your first camping trip.

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Do Not Go All the Way

Children at a certain age will have separation anxiety if they are far away from the internet, and younger kids may have issues with long hiking sessions. You first camping trip should be more like an overnight picnic than a real camping trip. It will slowly ease the kids away from their comfort zone and into the world of camping.

Select the right site that will allow them to have the convenience of the city while still being in the great outdoors. If you plan to catch fish for dinner, that is fine, but bring other food as well. Confirm your reservation and make sure that they have the necessary amenities like a toilet and restaurants. Teach them to rough it, but have nearby facilities on standby in case they refuse.

Choose a Safe Campsite

Camping while having to worry about bears and other predators from attacking is not fun. The first trip should be in a child-friendly and safe environment. Watch them carefully at all times. Young children could be overly excited playing in an open environment. Older children could get bored and explore on their own.


A trial run in your backyard teaches them how to pitch a tent and gives you an accurate checklist of what you need. It also makes them comfortable sleeping outdoors.

Ensure that your checklist of items, clothing, accessories, and emergency kits is complete before you leave. Camping websites like Woodbury Outfitters sell most equipment you’ll need at a fraction of what you would pay at a regular brick and mortar store.

Double check the items are in the vehicle before you leave: this is the best time to do an equipment check. Items checked at home can still be left behind. Checking after you have left is already too late.

Plan activities

The biggest challenge for a perfectly safe camping trip is fighting boredom. Ensure you bring equipment for outdoor activities. Give your children enough time for themselves, but make sure they also commit to outdoor activities of your choice. Plan the activities and get them involved in the trip. This will help you choose the appropriate campsite and give the children a feeling of anticipation and excitement.

The first camping trip with your family doesn’t have an extreme experience. The primary goal should be to give your children a taste for camping. It could become a lifelong passion for them if done right. So, plan and prepare. Get your family involved. It’s their trip too.


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