Style & BeautyFinding the Positive In Life and Spreading It

Finding the Positive In Life and Spreading It

Sure there are times when I get down or frustrated but through the years I’ve learned one big thing that makes life much happier for yourself and everyone around  you.. that thing in life is finding a positive aspect in everything. Now that being said I’m not saying that being happy makes your life perfect or that finding something positive in everything is going to make your life perfect.. it’s not.. no one’s life is perfect.

For the small stuff in life, don’t let it bring you down. When I get stuck in traffic and I’m getting really angry that no one in line is moving I turn up the radio a bit and jam out to a song that will turn my mood around. If I’m having a bad at work I take a look around the news or my community and realize I should be lucky I even have a job. The main thing to remember is not to take those little things in life for granted and be happy and grateful for what you do have life.

I love when positive people help others by keeping up their spirits and spreading the positivity. Those people that flaunt their pearly whites and are confident about who they are and always seem to keep their spirits up. I was feeling down one day while I was at the store, the kids were just not cooperating,the place was packed and that day nothing seemed to go right. I had a mother start a conversation in line with me, she started off joking about how crazy the store was that day and she made fun of how everything seemed to not be going her way that day. From her story, she had definitely trumped me on the bad day but she still had such a good aura about her, she was so friendly and chatty, she had a beautiful smile and you could just tell that she didn’t let any one or any thing bring her down. You couldn’t help but feel uplifted by her.

One thing I’ve noticed that helps keep me feeling good about myself is having a clean mouth. When I haven’t brushed my teeth yet I just feel blah so that’s the first thing I do in the morning. Once my teeth are brushed and I’ve flossed and rinsed the world outside always becomes a little brighter. I don’t know if this is the case for you but knowing my mouth is healthy and showing off those pearly whites makes me a whole lot happier throughout the day and helps me be more positive about things.

So go put on big bright smile of yours and enjoy the day! 🙂

Your mouth is more than just teeth and gums, it’s your most important feature when it comes to expressing yourself and engaging with the world. The Crest  & Oral-B Life Opens Up Project will highlight individual stories that showcase how a healthy mouth has played a role in opening up to life and to the world.


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