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Finding the Right Housekeeper with Housekeeper.com

Sometimes the stresses of everyday life – from work to family commitments – can just be too much. To avoid feeling burnt out you might want to consider hiring a housekeeper to give you some peace of mind.


Housekeepers can be extremely convenient and helpful for families because they can keep a house afloat by taking care of tasks that often find themselves on the back burner like vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathroom.

But finding the right housekeeper for you can be quite challenging. There are so many factors to consider – what days of the week will my housekeeper work? Do I want them to provide childcare as well? Do I want them to look after my pets from time to time? House cleaning seekers often have particular requirements that make it hard to find the right housekeeper just through word-of-mouth from their neighbors or referrals alone. Sometimes the search will leave you thinking, “Will I ever find a housekeeper near me?”


Here’s where Housekeeper.com comes in. For over five years Housekeeper.com has been helping both families and care providers find their perfect match. There is no other website that will have as many housekeeping jobs in your area, making your search fast and easy. Creating a Housekeeper.com account will give you access to over one hundred thousand house cleaners!

If you’re looking for a house cleaner, you’ll find a ton of professionals searching for housekeeping jobs. And if you’re looking for a housekeeping job, you’ll find lots of employers near you!

Here’s how the site works. On Housekeeper.com, you can either register as a housekeeper and a housekeeper seeker.

If you are seeking a housekeeper near you, create a profile and a listing. From that point, housekeepers will respond to your listing, or you can go ahead and browse house cleaners yourself and message them as well! In your profile you can note which specifications you are looking for in a housekeeper in terms of hours needed per week, services needed or whether or not you’re willing to sponsor.

If you are a house cleaner looking for a job, create a profile and a listing. People looking for a housekeeper can message you from your listing or, you can search through those looking in your area and message them yourself! In your profile, you can specify your hourly rate, what services you offer and any other information your employer should know.

The average housekeeper wage can range from minimum wage to over $40 per hour so it’s important to pay your housekeeper the right amount. Here are some quick stats to take into consideration:

  • The average housekeeper wage is $29.87 per hour
  • Housekeeper prices vary a lot by location – in Ann Arbor the hourly wage is $36.08 while in Des Moines the average is only $22.91
  • Certain services like carpet shampooing and cabinet cleaning can lead to higher wages
  • Housekeepers with more experience get paid more – those with 15+ years in the cleaning industry charge an average hourly wage of $32.03

Oftentimes, those seeking help around the house just need a wider selection of qualified housekeepers in their area to choose from.

On Housekeeper.com searches can be filtered by…

  • Services provided (e.g. bathroom cleaning, laundry, pet clean-up)
  • Work eligibility (e.g. criminal record check, whether sponsorship is required)
  • Transportation (e.g. does your housekeeper need a license/vehicle?)
  • Whether or not the housekeeper has their own supplies/equipment

Housekeeper.com is a self-serve platform (not an agency) – meaning employers have complete control over who they decide to hire. There’s more freedom given to the housekeepers as well – they can set their own wage and discuss their hours with their own employers.





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