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Finding Your Business While Holding a Full-Time Mom Position

You’re a full-time mother.

You’ve got a lot of free time on your hands when you’re not busy taking care of the little one(s).

There’s an itch you can’t scratch… something feels off. It’s something to do with work. The challenge and bringing in extra money.

What will you do since the kid(s) need to be looked after?

Start a business, of course!

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What You Need Before Starting the Business

Don’t be fooled: Starting an online business requires a financial investment no matter how “bootstrapped” you’re lead to believe.

Not only will you need to invest… but you should invest to have some semblance of competition.

What kind of investments?

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Decent desktop or laptop
  • Website essentials
  • Tax services and paperwork

You can save a great deal on these by shopping around or using open-source software.

  • Begin it by doing a general “internet providers in my area” to upgrade your bandwidth and stability.
  • Search FB marketplace, Craigslist, or OfferUp for a PC/Mac upgrade that’ll handle things like graphics processing and maybe video editing.
  • Invest in a domain name, website hosting, and site theme to give yourself the basic set up.
  • Subscribe to Quickbooks to track income and use LegalZoom to file the necessary biz documents.

Do these four and you’ll have the groundwork laid for everything that comes hereafter.

Finding and Realizing Your Business Idea

The neat thing about mom blogs is the tight-knit community. Everyone is helping one another which leads to validating ideas, getting the word out, and maybe even the first few sales.

I say… leverage the community versus going in completely blind to an industry you don’t know.

Pick and Validate the Idea

Ask yourself:

  • What am I good at?
  • What unique experience do I have?
  • What’s missing in this market?

Perhaps it’s reviving an old craft your grandmother taught you as a child. Or, your particular take on parenting that’s not the norm. Maybe, it’s taking the skills you had when working and offering them online.

  • Sit down and write 3-5 product and services
  • Pitch the ideas to the community
  • Record their feedback
  • Go with the one with the highest interest

You can double verify by offering a pre-sale of the product or service. This says people are already willing to buy what you plan to offer. Plus, it’ll give a nice incentive to get to work on it!

What’s Everyone Else Doing?

You don’t have to invent something completely new or come at it from a wild angle to make money from your business idea.

There’s a reason why thousands of people are selling their knitting through Etsy… it makes money.
This is the same across many industries. You’ve got a lot of players but the market is so large, there’s plenty to go around. When you’re talking hundreds of millions in the market, well, you can see the viability if you received just 0.0001% of the action.

Try this:

  • Who’s advertising when you type in the idea?
  • Who do you follow doing the thing?

In fact, I’d say go as far as collecting about 5-10 of your favorite sites, figure out the best parts of them, combine it, and make it your own.

Which brings me to…

Make It Your Own

Why are mommy bloggers so successful at business?

Hint: The kids kind of help.

We can’t help but be supportive of a full-time mom especially when they’re sharing precious stories and life advice as their children grow up.

This gives you an automatic opportunity to make your business idea your own. How? By making everything you do with a personal touch.

It’s about personal branding.

There are a lot of mothers out there… not all of them are building online businesses. Use those stories, life experiences, and knowledge to sound unique. Have fun with the design when so many competitors are cold and corporate.

Business Growth through Content Marketing and Networking

This section could be a full course of its own so I’m going to keep to the core essentials — do this:

  • Create 3-5 mega posts about the main topic related to your business (make it epic!)
  • Connect with influential social media personalities to see if they could share the post
  • In the meantime, share the content on Pinterest, a Facebook page you’ve made, Twitter, and if you’ve set up an email list
  • Come back to the influencers willing to share and do an interview as this gives you a foot in the door and it’ll attract their community
  • Turn visitors into buyers by offering a product or service, else add affiliate links through Amazon Associates or a direct program to earn for each sale
  • Repeat this process for smaller pieces of content and add 1-2 big pieces each month

Yup, that’s it! That’s online business 101!


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