LifestyleFind out How to Remove Most Product-Related Trampoline Injuries

Find out How to Remove Most Product-Related Trampoline Injuries

Every child loves the sensation of jumping through the air, and the backyard trampoline has been a staple of summer fun for decades. However, with all that fun comes a considerable degree of risk. Every year hundreds of thousands of children are hurt and injured on trampolines. In fact, between 2002 and 2011 emergency room visits in the US cost parents a total of over one billion dollars in emergency room fees from trampoline injuries alone. So what is the solution for parents who want to keep their children both safe and active outdoors? The answer is one trampoline manufacturer who is putting your child’s health and safety first, with a trampoline design that reduces most product related injuries.

When parents are selecting a trampoline it is important that they consider one that has passed rigorous testing for quality assurance. One way to verify the quality level of any product is to look for industry awards and approval from such places as The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, and the International Design Award. These awards assure you that trampoline quality and safety are meeting the highest possible standards.

Springfree Trampoline is the only company that removes the springs and hides the frame beneath the jumping surface, creating a SoftEdge mat that leaves no dangerous exposed surfaces for children to come in contact with. Combined with the FlexiNetsafety enclosure surrounding the trampoline (which is supported by composite rods that guide jumpers gently back to the middle of the trampoline mat), injuries are dramatically reduced. Traditional trampoline nets are held up by rigid steel poles which do not bend and flex with the jumpers in the way composite rods do.

RemoveMost Product-Related Trampoline Injuries

Research has revealed that there are 3 major impact zones that cause injury to the jumper. These impact zones are the springs, the steel frame, and the ground. One of the main problems with traditional trampolines is the iron springs on the outside edge. Kids are often injured by getting a foot or leg caught in between the springs or landing on a sharp edge of the iron. A trampoline built with flexible composite rods that are placed underneath the trampoline frame in place of exposed metal springs is a much safer alternative because it is impossible for jumpers to come in contact with injury-causing parts.

Of course, every parent knows that children are concerned with fun, first and foremost, which is why Springfree introduced the tgoma digital game system, which combines screen time with active outdoor play. For younger children, bouncing-related games such as Math Hopper, Whatzat?, and Alien Stomp encourage learning and active play, while older children will enjoy the challenges of tgomaFit, which allows users to challenge themselves and access jump stats via the JumpTracker. The new tgoma system encourages your children to make the move to outdoor, active play, and helps parents with the struggle to balance technology time with outdoor activity time.

When it comes to safety, precautions are necessary, but that doesn’t mean that fun needs to be sacrificed. Choose a trampoline with a spring-free design, the patented SoftEdge mat, and an interactive digital game accessory, and the backyard fun will never end with a trip to the ER.


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