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Fashion Does Not Cost a Thing


Does the title of this post make you sneer, wrinkle your eyebrows and shake your head?

Aha! That’s what it was meant to do!

However, before you decide to skip the post altogether and get all pessimistic, spare a thought about why you clicked on it in the first place. Because you want fashion to cost nothing and somewhere you believe that this can be possible. And you are right.

In this post we go back to the basics and tell you things you probably already know, but somehow have forgotten to implement. These simple tricks will transform you into a fashionista in almost nothing and help you put your best look forward always.

Read on and find out the pearls of wisdom you have forgotten.

Visit Thrift Stores More Often

Fashion does not move as rapidly in real world as it does in the haloed offices of world’s top designers in London, Paris and Milan.

But don’t despair, because this is nothing but good news for you.

Visit the thrift stores in the wealthiest localities to find some stunning fashion pieces at even more stunning prices.

Rummage through the lot and pick up the classics at dirt cheap prices. These are picks that will keep you eternally fashionable. A good jacket, classic white shirts, well-fitted bottoms are more common in these shops than anywhere else and they really are at the best prices.

So, point to note, you need to make more frequent trips to the thrift stores.

Keep the Closet Organized

Ever wondered how your mother always had your clothes ready for you when you were a kid? She did not need to search and match 200 different things to choose one right outfit.

It was because she kept your closet organized. She knew exactly where to find things and would plan your entire week’s outfit in advance. Now fast forward to your current situation. If you are a mom, you probably still do this for your kid. But when it comes to you yourself, why do you turn into a helpless I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear woman?

And don’t tell me that all women say that. Break the stereotype. Organize your closet as often as you can. Leave it unattended for not more than a period of one week. Your closet dresses you up. How can you ignore it?

Stock and stack your clothes in a way most convenient to you. You can organize them by color or occasion, whichever way you like it. The point is for you to get a good and regular idea of what you own, each and every piece of it.

After taking stock, now pair up your clothes and accessories and set ten looks for the week — seven to go and three as back up. You can try the looks on if you want. It might take a while but it will save you a whole lot of precious time during the early morning rush.

Pick outfits that flatter your body type and complexion. Believe me you will find more of those outfits in your closet than in any other store. Organize, look, try, and decide. Follow this and see how you transform into a fashion maven.

Accessories are a Big Deal

In my younger days I never paid enough attention to accessories. My best friend and I pretty much wore the same clothes. Yet she was the one who always got complimented for her fashion sense and not me. But as my fashion sense evolved I realized that accessories can make all the difference.

An ornate head piece, a nice pair of boots, and a well-designed bag can lift the dullest denim and t-shirt look and make it stylish or funky as desired. A metallic belt can add so much spunk both to your flowy spring-summer dress or your figure hugging clubbing attire.

Earrings, neck-pieces, belts, shoes, anklets, watches, sunglasses, finger rings, most of us manage to collect a truckload of these but use very little of them.

It’s time you started accessorizing your outfits. Polyvore and Pinterest may give you ideas but nothing will give you a better fashion edge than being original.

Besides, most accessories don’t go out of fashion like clothes. They are permanent; animal print scarves were stylish then, they are stylish now. Ditto with hoops and many other accessories.

Have fun with these, play around with your accessories and create a look that is sleek, stylish and very you. Do take opinions from your friends and family though. Watch their reactions, these are your cues to know if you are accessorizing is wow or if there is scope for improvement.

Stock up on the Classics

Classics take you through all seasons. They are always fashionable and look good paired up with anything. You cannot be fashion forward or stylish without the classics in your closet.

A coveted, branded bag (can be picked up from anywhere), a crisp white shirt, a well-fitted black t-shirt, a collection of affordable evening dresses , a great jacket, two great pairs of denim in a dark and light shade respectively, and two or three skirts in different lengths and silhouettes complete your list of classics.

Make sure you have these in your wardrobe and you will see how you can team these up with anything, wear them repetitively on different occasions and yet look fresh and fashionable each time.

Hone up Your Stitching Skills

Well, this final one is a little tricky and cumbersome than the rest. But the benefits completely outweigh the efforts. In short, this is a skill every aspiring fashionista should possess.

Knowing how to stitch can help you repair some of your best clothes that have developed a rip in them, or have the threading getting loose in certain places. Besides it also gives you an advantage over the rest. Think of all those super fashionable garments that you could not find in your size at the thrift store. You can still pick them up at good rates and stitch them just right for your size.

You can play around with your garments a lot when you know how to stitch. You can turn a boring, full-sleeved tunic into a hot shirtdress by stitching up some buttons, chopping off the sleeves, and stitching on some trending printed fabric as the sleeves and on the neckline or the collar. There are myriad ways you can spruce up your clothes when you know how to stitch and make them look new every single time!

To Conclude

I hope these tips have been useful to you and you will soon let your true self, which is a gorgeous fashionista, emerge for the world to see and admire. Enjoy dressing up, have fun and get ready to stun!


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