TravelTarget vs Walmart - A Traveling Families Guide

Target vs Walmart – A Traveling Families Guide

There is nothing as fun and memorable as going on a vacation with your family. However, when it comes to packing, no one loves the process. It is daunting, especially if kids are in the picture. That’s not all, you get to your destination, only to find out you had not packed some essentials. If such a thing ever happens to you, retail stores such as Walmart and Target can save you.

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The following are some of the items that most people love to forget when they are going for a family vacation, plus some essentials you probably did not know you need for your vacation.


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You may not forget to pack your toothbrush or toothpaste and other personal care things, but you may opt not to pack items such as face wash and shampoo to avoid issues while at the airport. As soon as you get to the check-in your hotel room, you will have to stock up because most hotel items will not be enough to sustain you and your family.

Now, you can get all the essentials at Walmart and Target. If you want to save tons of cash so that you spend the rest on your vacation fun, and entertainment. Walmart is the most affordable, more so if you are looking to buy items such as cotton balls, and dental floss and so on.

Charging Cables

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You definitely cannot forget to carry your tablet, more so your mobile phone, but you may easily forget to carry your charger and charging cables. Because of rushing and leaving the house in a hurry, most people forget to carry such items. Because mobile devices and other smartphone-related devices are popular today, both Walmart and Target have charging cables.

Now, this is something you need to take note because, for phones such as iPhone, you cannot use just any other cable. Therefore, you should look for cables that are designed specifically for your model, even if it is a bit expensive. Look for fast charging cables so that you spend less time on the charge and the rest enjoying your vacation.

Mobile Power Bank

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This is a must-carry tool for those who are addicted to their phones. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a place to charge your phone, especially if you are out partying. So, do not forget to carry your power bank, or if you don’t have one, purchase them either at Target or Walmart. With a power bank, you only need to plug your cable into the power bank and phone, and your phone will be running in no time.

Both Walmart and Targets have a myriad of options when it comes to quality power banks. To save space in your pocket or purse, purchase a power bank that is compact. There are those that have the same size and design as a smartphone while others are narrow to fit in any space. The style you buy will depend on your taste and preference. Either way, go for a power bank that will charge your phone at least twice.

Laundry Bag

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While on vacation, you don’t want to pack a sweaty and smelly socks next to a crisp linen shirt or a beautiful sundress. If your luggage doesn’t have enough compartments, for instance, if you have a duffel bag. You need to look for a laundry bag. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a simple bag. Walmart has some amazing options for bags. Here, you will find basic laundry bags for only a few dollars. If you love to travel from time to time, you may want to purchase a long-lasting bag. Both retailers have high-quality laundry bag products.

Flip Flops

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Flip flops are extremely crucial, especially if your holiday destination has warm weather. If you only want to use the flops to protect your feet or just to walk around the hotel pool, look for a pair of basic rubbers that go for a few dollars at Walmart. If you are planning to wear them around time, purchase a pair that is softer and has more arch support. Both Walmart and Target have these types of sandals. However, Target has a wide selection of sandals.

Try Not to Stress Yourself

Sometimes it may be difficult and stressful to get to your holiday spot without something that you consider important for your vacation. However, with Walmart and Target stores readily available all their United States stores, as well as other parts of the world. Therefore, you should not have to worry about getting what you want from these stores. So, why don’t you take a deep breath, keep calm, and get to enjoy all the fun the world has to offer with your family.


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