LifestylePlease help.. Family In Need: Mom of 7 Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Please help.. Family In Need: Mom of 7 Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Hello my Mom Fuse Family…

I like to believe that we here at Mom Fuse are all about helping moms, usually we post topics and articles on different parenting related issues but this post is more special and dear to me than any post I’ve ever done.

Recently a good friend of ours, Stacy, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and their family is in desperate need of some financial assistance. She was employed as a nurse and brought in most of the money but she’s recently had to quit her job because of the cancer and chemo treatments. Now that she’s no longer working they are having a terrible time keeping up with the bills and things for their 7 kids. Her husband is working his butt off trying to support the kids, pay rent, pay bills, and trying to keep their car while maintaining the house, making sure the kids are fed and taken care of, taking care of his wife who, and so much more.

Their rent alone is $800 per month and that’s not even counting all the other bills they have, including a car payment. Now, with the trouble of keeping a roof over their head and food on the table, they may have to sell their car in order to getstacy1 some extra money, but then they won’t have a reliable way to get to treatment and other appointments. Can you imagine having no car with 7 kids during the summer with tons of doctor appointments to try and make it to?

It’s been extremely sad around here with everyone trying to figure out what they are going to do and how to help. I know money is tight everywhere but if you could spare a $1 or even ten cents by using the Donate button below, every little bit will help. My husband and I are donating as much as we can afford, but that’s not enough to cover hardly anything, and I would love it if our wonderful Mom Fuse community could come together and help this awesome family and support them in their time of need.

We are also planning a benefit for Stacy and her family which will be held on May 2nd.. read more about that here: Cancer Mom Benefit or View Stacy’s Benefit Site at

How You Can Help:

1. Donate any amount. Even $1 will help.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 for this family (this will help them tremendously). Total so far: $277

2.  Tweet: “Can you spare $1 to help a Family In Need: Mom of 7 Diagnosed with Breast Cancer #momfuse #BreastCancer Pls RT

3. Donate a item for our Cancer Mom Benefit in exchange for free advertising (email Jessica at info @

stacy2If you can’t make a donation, don’t feel bad.. like I said, I know times are tough. We would appreciate any help spreading the word by retweeting our tweets on Twitter, posting links back to this post, and spreading the word about helping this family.


Updates & Messages from the family:

Stacy is only able to eat saltine crackers.. she can’t keep anything else down. The family is having an extremely difficult time paying bills (home, car, electricity, everything).

I visited with the family today and Stacy is feeling the side effects from chemo and doesn’t feel well. After all the bad new they’ve received, they’ve finally received some good news. The cancer has not spread to her lymph nodes yet and the doctor is expecting a good result from the chemo treatments. Yay! Stacy, her husband, their family & friends would all like to thank everyone for their donation, no matter the amount.

Thank you,
Jessica, Founder


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