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Fab Find: The FRESHhanger – Clothes Freshening Hanger Cover


The FRESHhangerTM Cover fits virtually any hanger and eliminates odors from clothing leaving them refreshed for the next use. Simply hang the fragrance-free cover on any hanger and let FRESHhanger’s
patent pending and laboratory tested activated carbon technology do the work!

Why FRESHhanger?

– independent laboratory testing has proven that FRESHhanger reduces
odor causing compounds in clothing 6X more effectively than airing out!
– activated carbon – FRESHhanger’s carefully selected main ingredient
– is the most absorbent material in the world

– 80% of consumers researched expressed interest in a garment care
product that would keep clothes fresher between washing/dry cleaning
– clothes represent a major household investment
– saves money and time – important in these challenging economic times

– FRESHhanger absorbs PERC used by dry cleaners
– FRESHhanger uses 100% natural activated carbon
– using FRESHhanger saves water and electricity and also extends
clothing life by reducing the need to frequently wash clothes


The Reviews

Janet from Grammy Janet’s Place says…

cascade-hangers-whiteDid I think these hangers would work or was I skeptical when I removed them from their packaging?

Yes I did think they would work because I know that Activated carbon has been proven to absorb and get rid of odor.Air and drinking water purification are charcoal-based odor absorbers My air purifier works with Activated carbon and when I run it, I detect no odors in my home. Activated carbon works especially well on mold and mildew odors, I know this because I used it to successfully remove these odors from my downstairs rooms. Activated carbon is also used to absorb the scent of a human being on hunter’s clothing, prior to hunting.

I feel that FRESHhangers are a money-saving, safe chemical free eco-friendly choice for consumers. FRESHhanger covers can be purchased for on their website here for $12.99/5 pack, $22.99/10 pack and $39.99/20 pack.

Dore from Dore’s Diaries says…




So far, I love my FRESHhangers! I’ve been using them for sweaters that aren’t dirty after I wear them, but still need to be freshened up. All the smells are gone from them since hanging on the FRESHhanger.

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I also love that my clothes will last longer thanks to FRESHhangers since I don’t have to wash them as often. I have yet to find a single hanger that the FRESHhanger doesn’t fit.

Although one of the characteristics of the FRESHhanger is that it is unscented, I actually wouldn’t mind if they did have a subtle scent. Nothing too over the top, but just something fresh and clean smelling. So Fresh and so Clean (clean)…

Kimberly from She Scribes says…

yhst-94695704476950_2039_0Each Fresh Hanger lasts for about six months. After that time you would need to purchase more. They are very reasonably priced so that shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if it saves you trips to the dry cleaners or doing unnecessary laundry, especially for people like us who have to pay for laundry since we don’t have a washer or dryer in our unit.

Fresh Hangers can reduce odors by 88% in about four hours and is 6X’s more effective then just airing clothing out. Those are pretty impressive statistics.

Another “bonus” to the FRESHHanger is that I noticed the clothing doesn’t slide off of the hanger when there is a Fresh Hanger cover on it. That is great for us ladies who sometimes have a blouse that just won’t stay on the hanger no matter what we try.

Ginny from Mom of 2 Dancers says…

What you do, just hang the fragrance-free cover on any hanger and let FRESHhanger’s patent pending and laboratory tested activated carbon technology do the work!

I really like the Fresh Hanger. I use a few different types of hangers & the fresh hanger fits on all the ones I use. It easily slips over the hanger, then you just slip your top over it. I have had a couple meeting lately, so I used the Fresh Hanger with those tops and it works very well. It also helps me remember which tops I’ve worn at least once already. These would be great for blazer jackets and work clothes. Especially if you have a high dry cleaning bill, would save you a lot of money!

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