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Fab Find: KY Yours + Mine

*Please be advised that this post contains adult content – You’ve been warned!*

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean the romance should be gone. To help you celebrate your love all year long K-Y® Brand has introduced the first ever intimacy enhancing product for couples. Just as the old saying goes – “It takes two to tango!” – K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE™ offers two specially designed lubricants in one convenient package. When used together, they create a thrilling sensation. Whether you are looking for something new to bring into your relationship or you are looking to spark something old, K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE™ is there to help.

According to the company, K-Y® Brand YOURS+MINETM serves as a catalyst for creating emotional and physical connections between partners because it provides a unique and fun new way for couples to communicate on an intimate level. Both partners will be curious to know what the other is experiencing, providing the perfect scenario for communication.

Aside from the benefits of the actual product, the new sleek “test tube” designs are pretty sexy alone. They even glow in the dark so there are no awkward interruptions.

*Special Update* Being that I still haven’t actually used this product for it’s intended purpose I won’t be able to participate in the review, however, I’ll tell you this, ever since the K-Y® YOURS + MINE™ showed up in my mailbox…my husband has been A LOT nicer to me. I get daily compliments, help with the chores, I even got my car washed without asking! So…I’m thinking I might hold of on using the K-Y for a little while, but I will be sure to add my review once I do. (How long do you think he’ll wait??)

K-Y® Brand YOURS+MINETM is available now at drug, food and mass retailers. The suggested retail price is $19.99 for two test tube vials, each 1.5 fl oz.



A few of our courageous “Mommy Reviewers” recently had the chance to try out K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE™. While I know this had to be one of the most fun (and most rewarding) product reviews, I also understand that it had to be difficult to share their feelings with thousands of readers on such an intimate subject. Let’s give them a big hand for stepping up (or lying down rather)!

K-Y® Brand YOURS + MINE™ Reviews

Latricia from 1StopMom says…

“It is sometimes near impossible to get any “personal” time. I can not even remember the last time I was able to take a quick shower without one of the kids banging on the door with something that has to be discussed at that particular moment. Anyways, when February 14th comes around love is definitely in the air and it causes me to think about how great my relationship is with my husband.

I know you have had to see the commercials where the couples don’t have lots of time by K-Y Brand makes the most of it. The packaging alone got us talking. It comes in these cool test tubes. One is blue and the other is purple. Anything that helps achieve even greater intimacy while being equally exciting is definitely unique.” Read more from Latricia!

Melissa from From Melissa’s Desk says…

“Love is in the air. And although this time of year shouldn’t be the only time you make extra time for your special someone, Valentine’s Day is no doubt a special day for most. For married couples today, life is so filled with juggling family, relationships, work, health, etc. that they have little time for anything else. I love spending quality time with my Hubby, so I’m all for using Valentine’s Day as an excuse.

When I had the opportunity to review KY Brand Yours and Mine, I have to say it peaked my interest. The product is uniquely packaged with two tubes–one is blue, the other purple–making it a new first in intimacy products for men and women.” Read more from Melissa!

Amanda from Mommy Mandy says…

“Although Hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day I do want to share with you the amazing new KY Yours + Mine. I know that I have not really ever talked about products of this nature here on MommyMandy, so I am stepping out of my little box and sharing a product that is great. Trust me, IT’S GREAT! your are definitely going to want to try it! As most of my readers are parents, obviously were all having sex, I mean hello?? you’re a parent!”

“Whether you have a flame that needs rekindling or you´re looking to take your relationship to the next level, we´ve got the perfect adventure for you both.” Read more from Amanda!

Dore from Dore’s Diaries says…

KY promises a “Happier Valentine’s Day” if you try them out. A happier day (Valentine’s Day or any other day) is always a good thing, right? I’ve been having some happy days lately… Thanks KY! Yours+Mine comes in really neat packaging of blue & purple “test tubes”. KY promises that “his excites. hers delights. together they unite.” If you are looking to excite, delight and unite on Valentine’s Day… or any day… KY Yours+Mine is the way to go! Read more from Dore!

Check out this review in full from one of our reviewers that decided, understandably,  to remain anonymous.

Did you know that Johnson & Johnson doesn’t just make baby shampoo?! They help mommies out in other ways… they also own the K-Y line of personal lubricants. 😉 K-Y Yours + Mine. With this, you’re actually getting two lubricants in one very modern-looking package – a sleek blue tube for him and a similar one in purple for If you don’t feel comfortable buying this product at the store, you can also find it on Amazon for $16, and it qualifies for free shipping!

After several years of marriage and two babies, I have to admit that things have gotten a little ‘blah’ in the bedroom. Once in a while it’s nice to try something new, to rekindle the flame, shall we say, and K-Y offers several products that do just that!

One of the newer products in the line is

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have to admit that I don’t actually need the lubrication. I was more looking forward to the “thrilling” sensation that is advertised on the box. I didn’t find this product to be sticky at all, which was refreshing. There are lots of products out there that leave you a sticky, gooey mess… and that’s just not very sexy! K-Y is more like an oil; it goes on smooth.

I enjoyed the cool, tingly feeling of the minty ‘Hers’ lubricant. ‘His’ has the opposite effect, leaving him feeling warm and maybe a little numb. Combined, it was somewhat surprising! And the effect lasted for quite a while! I’m not complaining, but my husband… well, he thinks these products are more for a woman’s pleasure than a man’s, so he didn’t seem too excited about it. I think the key is to only use a little to start, otherwise the warming turns more into a burning sensation, but I’d definitely continue to use this. I can see it being especially fun for those spontaneous moments when there’s not much time for foreplay.

When looking at the ingredients, I noticed that the blue tube (for him) contains sucralose and honey. But due to its numbing effects, wouldn’t it then numb your mouth, too? Yeah… we didn’t experiment that much, but it’s something to think about!

So ultimately I’m not sure if I’d pay $20 for K-Y Yours + Mine, but that’s the great thing about Valentine’s weekend – it’s on SALE! I just saw a coupon for $5 off in last week’s ads and you can also print one If you don’t feel comfortable buying this product at the store, you can also find it on Amazon for $16, and it qualifies for free shipping!

More “exciting” reviews will be posted in the beginning of March. As we all know…sometime’s certain reviews take just a little bit longer for full results, especially for busy moms, and this is definitely one of them.


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