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Pro-Level Exterior House Painting Tips for a Flawless Finish

Whether you’re thinking of painting the exterior of your home DIY or want to know more about the ways a professional could paint the outside of your property, you’ve come to the right place!

Safety Tip: If using a ladder, be sure to have a second person there to hold it from the bottom while you work. With that said, unless you have a single-storey property, it’s best to use scaffolding for safety purposes and in some cases it will be necessary. To hire scaffolding, find a reliable scaffolding company in your locality.

Paint from Top to Bottom

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Generally, it’s best to paint from the top down when painting exterior walls. Starting from the top, you’ll want to work your way toward the bottom while finishing with the trim and windows and doors. It’s worth adding that these areas need specific paint products and preparation for a professional level finish.

Spray Rather Than Brush

Spray Rather Than Brush-Exterior House Painting Tips
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Those opting for a professional level finish may want to consider spraying the paint on to their home’s exterior (if feasible) rather than brushing. However, unless you have a one-storey property (e.g., a bungalow), you’d need scaffolding in order to safely and effectively spray paint your home.

When spraying your home, it’s vital that mask up surrounding areas to prevent the paint from spreading. A simple breeze could carry the spray causing it to make a mess on and around your property if you do not mask surrounding areas correctly.

Getting Your Preparations Right

Getting Your Preparations Right-Exterior House Painting Tips
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Perhaps above all else (aside from safety, of course), it’s essential that you prepare in a smart and thought-out way. Doing so is key to ensuring a professional level finish.

In most cases, homeowners make little preparations for a paint job and just go for it once they have the supplies and tools necessary. However, spending a day planning could not only ensure a professional level finish but save you days of work and cleaning up that follows.

Preparations will include:

  • Planning out how and when you intend to paint different sections of your home’s exterior
  • Ensuring you have absolutely everything needed for the professional level finish you desire
  • Fixing any obvious issues with your home’s exterior (e.g., filling cracks, removing mould, replacing old render etc.).
  • Sanding down rough parts of your walls and woodwork

What Else Should You Consider?

So, aside from the points already brought up, what else does it take to achieve a professional level finish for your home’s exterior? Let’s take a look.

Additional considerations include:

  • Opting for a more sophisticated look with a combination of colours
  • Finding the best brands and products on the market *
  • Priming masonry that has not been previously painted or priming regardless for the highest quality finish possible ^

*Traits you’ll want to look for are paint products that offer durability, weather-resistance, shower-resistance, flexibility, and high breathability.

^If priming a previously painted wall, you’ll need to cover the existing colour to a T (specifically if it’s quite different from the new paint) before adding one or two new coats of paint.

Cost of Hiring a Professional

Cost of Hiring a Professional
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You could save a lot of money by painting yourself. However, if you have any doubts or concerns, hire a professional painter.

The cost to paint the exterior of a house will generally range from £400 to as much as £2,000. Prices can vary widely depending on factors like the type and size of house you have and where you live. The reason that your location matters is due to varying labour prices across the UK.

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