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Expert Tips for the First-Time Dad

So you and your wife are expecting, and you don’t have a clue to what do. Don’t worry, plenty of men before you have been in the exact same shoes. We’ve got the expert tips designed to give you the confidence and knowledge you need before you embark on one of the best adventures of your life—fatherhood.

During Pregnancy

Knowledge is power, and when you’re dealing with the unknowns of pregnancy, there’s no more important task for you to complete than thorough research. Pour through books detailing the nitty gritty of pregnancy and beyond to ensure you are ready for anything that might come your way. Attend every doctor’s appointment you can, and take birthing and parenting classes together with your wife to be as prepared as possible.

Your wife has to change pretty much everything in her life for the next nine months: her clothing, her food habits, and more. You need to cut the bad habits along with her. Your wife can’t drink for over 9 months, so out of respect to her, limit your drinking as well. If you’re a smoker, try quitting. Check out vaping supplies at www.njoy.com to help wean you off and eliminate the risk of secondhand smoke around your wife and unborn child.

Make her more comfortable for the nine months she’s carrying your child. Guarantee her comfort with a pillow designed to enable her to find the best rest. Sleeping is extremely important to her health and to that of your unborn child, so make sure it is a priority.

It will be harder for your wife to do everyday tasks that may have been easy before, and dealing with a cluttered house will only seek to add to this stress. If you have the time, do the household chores and cleaning to give her a chance to put her feet up when she gets home from work. If you can spare the change, hire a house cleaner to make both of your lives easier.

During Delivery

Delivery can be an exciting but scary time. You will act as a pillar of support for your wife during labor, and provide the necessary distraction during the potential long hours of inactivity. During the resting periods of labor, be prepared to divert her from the uncomfortable process. This can come in the form of her favorite movies, a cache of jokes you’ve been saving, or really anything you can think of that will take her mind away from the stress of the situation.

Talk with your wife before delivery and understand her desires should birthing become irregular. Find out how she feels about epidurals and C-sections, so you can be prepared to speak for her should the labor make her less capable of explaining herself.

Snapping photos of the birth has become a more commonplace practice. Definitely ask your wife before bringing a camera into the delivery room. If she’s okay with it, the memories you capture on film could be those you treasure for a lifetime.

Some men may experience adverse physical reactions in the delivery room. If you feel light-headed or queasy there’s no shame in letting a nurse know you need to sit down, or excusing yourself for a few minutes until you’re feeling better. Grab some fresh air, clear your head, and head back in.

After The Baby Has Arrived

Once the baby arrives, your world will be transformed. Late nights, sleep deprivation, and a little person who relies completely on you and your wife—it’s a tall order. Waking up with the little guy or gal in hourly intervals can be a rough thing to get used to, so make sure you and your wife have a system of swapping set in place. It’s only fair that you share the sleep deprivation. Sharing the care is applicable to every situation. Diaper duty, feedings, holding time—they should all be split equally between the two of you so that neither of you gets too worn out.

Communication with your partner is key. Explain your fears, ask questions, and be a good listener. You two are in this parenting adventure together, and by relying on each other you will be well-equipped to care for your child.

The first few months are a long-term adjustment period. You and your wife will discover new roles, probably experience your fair share of frustration, and also learn that you never knew a love like the one you have for your child. Becoming a first-time dad is one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience, and with proper preparation, you’ll handle fatherhood like a pro from the get-go.



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