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How to Expand the Reach of Your Parenting, Fashion or Travel Blog

Blogging is no longer just a way to share your thoughts online. It is also a great way to build your online presence, develop credibility in a particular field and be known for your expertise. Blogging is perfect for moms; it is something you can do at your own time and from home, but the earning potential is just as big as a fulltime job.


Establishing your own blog is just the first step. To really push the blog forward, you need to expand its reach. If you’re starting a parenting, fashion or travel blog – like Mom Fuse – then these blog marketing tips will help you get started with expanding your reach.

Learn More About Marketing

Marketing is an exciting field to venture into. There is so much to learn about marketing, from the more traditional approaches to internet marketing and SEO. You don’t have to be a master in this field, but knowing how to sell yourself and your blog to the right audience will help you a lot in growing the reach of your blog.

You can even take it a step further and study marketing seriously. Universities like Arizona State University have great online marketing degree programs. Not only will you be able to learn more about marketing, you can get an online bachelor of science in marketing degree at the same time.

Alternatively, you can read marketing books or use the available online resources to get started. There are a lot of blog marketing tips and tutorials on this site too.

Know Your Audience

There is no point in trying to reach everyone just for numbers’ sake. Having thousands of visitors is exciting, but it is much better to have a smaller but highly targeted stream of traffic, especially if you’re just getting started with blogging.

Develop a topic for your blog – one that you like (or know) the most – and understand the kind of audience you want to target. Are you writing for other moms? Do you want to share your skills to younger audience segments?

Knowing your audience early in the game will help you shape your blog more effectively. Your entire marketing effort can be based on that target audience and you will be able to gain more traction much sooner as a blogger.

Sell Stories and Connect

There are millions of articles on the internet. Finding a topic that hasn’t been discussed is actually impossible. That said, people still want to hear your side of the story.

Let’s say you choose to pursue an online marketing degree. Your stories as an online student and a mom are among the many things you can talk about on your blog. These stories should be key components of your marketing efforts too.

Connect with fellow moms or bloggers through social media. Don’t hesitate to answer questions and engage other moms or bloggers who already have a wider audience. Interact and share your stories to more people. More importantly, build a personal relationship with your audience.

To experts, this is called content marketing. For us bloggers, it is simply doing what we do best: selling stories. This, combined with the other tips we discussed earlier, will help jumpstart your blog, attract a loyal audience and help you start earning from the blog that much sooner.


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