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Crafting an Exercise Plan for a Busy Working Mom – Few tips from Fitness Experts

It goes without saying that sticking to an exercise routine is tough for anyone. But for working mom who are busy with their daily schedule, finding out a routine for regular exercise will be well-neigh impossible. When you’re leading a life where you can’t even spend time in a bathroom, how can you even dream of working out?

Working Mom

In between taking care of your kids, handling all household chores, meeting office demands, remembering doctor appointments and taking kids to school, moms find very little time to sweat. Hence, we conducted a review among few of the expert fitness-minded mom bloggers to share their experience and tips for the moms who have recently thought of exercising. Here are few vital tips you may consider.

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•  First Things Should Come First

If working out is all that is in your mind, make sure you do it early in the morning. If you wait to exercise after you complete your work, you will never get time for it as there are numerous activities to catch up with. Since there will be no one who can schedule a meet with you at 5 am, that’s the best time to invest in yourself. This way you will be done before your kids are awake.

•  Set aside Specific time in Your Planner

In case you set an appointment on your calendar, there are high chances that you’ll show up for the cause. You should start applying the same tactic when you plan to work out. Try setting times for workout on your planner so that you feel like there’s an appointment which you need to fulfill. If you can block out tasks this way, regular workout schedule will become easier.

•  Set a Plan about How You Would Sweat it off

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Once you’re done with the timings of your workout, next you have to set a plan on how you’re going to sweat off your weight. What are the exercises that you will do once you hit your home gym or your outdoor gym? Unless you plan on the workouts, you won’t feel the excitement of doing a workout. Beforehand, if you remain aware of what you’re planning to do, you will find it easier to make it happen.

•  Outfit is the Last thing to Worry About

Should you wear a T-shirt or a tank top? Or should you wear a plain black pant or printed capris? The little time that you get for exercising shouldn’t be wasted in deciding what you’re going to wear for your workout. Even if that means sleeping off in your workout clothes, that too would help.

As we see, it is tough to find dedicated time to spend with yourself once you become a mom. Regardless of whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, it is tough to get time for yourself. Children love the instinct of moving from one place to another and hence if you try to include them in your plank challenge or in your head lifts, they too will feel involved in your workout regime.

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