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Etsy: Meet the Maker of Punk Rock Twins

This week are featuring Jessica, one of the owners and crafters from Punk Rock Twins. This etsy shop features, fun key fobs, hand knitted hats, sewn blankets for children and adults and more.

Jessica-PunkRockTwinsTell us a little bit about yourself and about your shop.

Hi I’m Jessica and I run Punk Rock Twins on etsy. I’m a sahm of three obnoxious young’uns ranging from 12-4 yrs. I have been sewing since 2009 and knitting since summer 2010. I love to knit and I spend most of my free time when I’m not playing with the kids, or doing college school work, knitting. I sew on a pretty sporadic bases right now. I currently don’t have a sewing or craft room so when you walk into my house you what can see all my craft supplies on display, lol. I work hard at what I do and take pride in everything I make. If I don’t feel that way about something then I will usually redo it. Knitting and sewing are my passion and I truly love sharing it with others. My shop is a combination of my knitting and sewing and my friend Amy’s crochet. Sometimes we even go in together to produce a set. We currently have a table at our local Downtown Market Days here in Columbus, GA and we strive to make things for our store and table every day.


What are the inspirations for your designs?

My inspirations for my designs are usually family events. Like births and weddings. I generally get an idea of what I want to do and then go searching for a pattern. We sometimes come up with patterns of our own and make them. But generally it’s something I found on ravelry that has no copyright and I make it and fall in love. Ideas come from all over and I strive to find new and exciting things to make for the store and for my own pleasure. When I look at a skein of yarn it just magically transforms into this great work of art right in front of my eyes and I’m so enthralled by the simplicity of it all. Most people I meet say “I couldn’t knit, it’s too hard.” But really it’s not. Like I say it’s simply making loops out of loops, just don’t drop the first loop till you have the second one on a needle.


Do you welcome custom orders?

We gladly welcome custom orders, in fact most of our stuff is custom order since we have to know sizes and all that most the time to make it to fit properly.


Do you have a favorite piece from your collection? If so, is there a reason it’s your favorite? Whether it’s the colors, the shape or a story connected to the piece?

I would have to say that the yellow baby boy’s sweater set with booties is my favorite piece right now. It’s such a unique piece of work and the yarn choice was amazing.  I love the texture and the lines and especially the colors. It blends well and the buttons just set it off, then add on top of that the booties that are so darling and I melt every time  I think of a little boy wearing that to church or outing with family.


When your not creating, what do you do?

When I’m not crafting I take time to hang with friends and play with my kids and dog Soma. We have a very hectic life and when I’m not doing school or building my blog or etsy store then I’m knitting. So there isn’t to many times I’m not crafting.
Do you have any “words to live by”? 

Crafting is the key to your soul, craft fiercely and with passion and you will always have heart and soul.


Do you have a current promotion you would like to share?

Our current promotion is receive 10% off your first order of $20.00 or more on any items. Use code prt10 this is valid till August 15. It’s our summer promotional.


Where can our readers find you?

@prtwinsknitting on twitter


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