ReviewsEssie Review: Winter Collection!

Essie Review: Winter Collection!

Here’s what Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer”, Ilissa, from Everything Up Close had to say about the new Winter Collection from Essie….

Essie Review

Nail polish is a great way to express yourself and add a bit of personality and color to your outfits. Essie is a nail polish company that has caught beauty professionals and several celebrities’ attention (for example, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, etc.). Essie specializes in chip-resistant nail polish that will surely outstand the competition. Essie offers a line of nail polish that will surely impress. Essie has a color that is sure to match anyone’s personality and wardrobe. In addition to the colors currently available from Essie, they continue to offer four brand new collections each and every year; one for each season.

Thank you to Mom Fuse, I had the opportunity to try out Essie’s new Winter collection! “Winter’s divine fashions parallel Essie’s new Winter 2008 collection of six striking nail colors from classy reds to shimmery violets and a surprising burst of gold. These latest nail colors are seductive, charming, and right on trend!” The Winter Collection includes the following colors: Bold & Beautiful, Damsel in a Dress, It’s Genius, Rock Star Skinny, Sexy Divide and Shifting Power.

When I first went to Essie’s website and looked through all the different colors of nail polish they offered, I was shocked! They literally have almost every single color you could ever imagine (over 200 colors to be exact). I have truly never seen so much selection; I love it!

When it came time to try out Essie’s Winter Collection, I had a hard time deciding which polish to try first. They were all beautiful; so vibrant and electrifying. With this collection, it is impossible to pick a favorite. Although, the first polish I tried and the one I will be referring to in this review is the Damsel in a Dress polish. When I started to apply this nail polish, I noticed that it was a bit thinner than the nail polish I was accustomed to. That took some getting used to…especially when painting my toenails. Even though it was a bit thinner than some nail polishes, I was surprised with how well the polish covered with just one coat! After I applied the nail polish and was waiting for it to dry, I noticed that it dried a bit faster than other nail polishes (which is a definite plus in my book). After it dried, I was really happy with the glossiness and the high-quality appearance of this polish.

After wearing this polish for a few days, I definitely agree with their chip-resistant claim. This polish has held up considerably better than other nail polishes that you can purchase at your local retailer. Overall, I have been extremely happy with the performance of Essie’s nail polish. I really love the high quality products and variety of colors that Essie offers. I will definitely consider purchasing Essie products in the future.

To purchase any of Essie’s products, please visit their online boutique.

– Ilissa @ Everything Up Close

Everything Up Close

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Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse


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